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Bad weather can spoil the fun for hobby mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. When temperatures are low, it is not much fun carrying out repairs or working on equipment or spare parts in the garage or work space, because it is cold and uncomfortable. And with cold fingers it is hard work to with your hands. So that you can pursue your passion or carry out necessary maintenance work you should be able to warm up at the touch of a button. Trotec’s electric fan heaters from the TDS-Series are robust, powerful and reliable.

There is always something to be done at home in the garage and in the workshop in the cellar. A broken coffee machine to be repaired. The tube of a vacuum cleaner that needs changing, a bracket for the kitchen to be made. A bicycle tube to be changed, a bell on your child’s scooter waiting to be attached or the wing mirror of your motor bike is scratched and needs to be looked at.  For small repairs the place where you keep your tools is important, so that you can mend your things in peace and quiet and with care. Perhaps you have a hobby that takes up a lot of time? Do you have an old-timer that regularly needs its screws tightened, its leather seats treated and its technology up dated? That’s all well and good. After all, we all enjoy giving things we love a new lease of life. If only it wasn’t for the unpleasant cold, that often spoils our enjoyment of pottering in our cellar workshop or in the garage.

Say goodbye to cold, stiff fingers

The colder it is in the garage, the less time we want to spend there. It is difficult to do the jobs that have to be done there, because after a while your fingers are so cold that it is almost impossible to carry out fiddly jobs or repairs.
But you can change that, you can warm up your workshop, hobby space or garage, so that it is possible to do jobs there that need more time and concentration. The solution is simple: Heat your space with electricity. For the simple fact that this is not a space that needs to be heated constantly and that it is important to be able to warm it up spontaneously, it is worth getting an electric fan heater. Trotec has several electric heaters in the TDS-Series on sale.

The benefits to you

  • low cost
  • high level of flexibility
  • quick and direct warmth
  • available in different performance strengths

Warmth at the push of a button

One of the most attractive features of using electricity to heat spaces is the flexibility. Trotec’s electric fan heaters can be used anywhere where there is a plug socket. There are no expensive installation costs for a heating system. In addition, electric heaters have the advantage that they have a particularly strong heat output and in contrast to gas or oil-powered heaters they do not consume oxygen or produce combustion waste gases.
Trotec has the suitable model for all your requirements. In the TDS-Series there are electric heaters with outputs ranging from 2 kW up to 30 kW. For example, the TDS 50 model, with a maximum output of 9 kW, would be suitable for heating a garage. You can set the flow of warm air on this high-quality electric appliance to any temperature you want. Regardless of what model you choose, you have flexibility with your electric heater. The standard built-in air baffle sends the warmth to where you are working. The best thing is: If there are exhaust fumes in your garage after a motor test or after using petrol-powered equipment you can easily turn off the heat function of your model. The ventilator function of your TDS electric heater transports the harmful substances away.

Tip: If you want to permanently install your electric heater in the garage you can use the special mounting device and fix the appliance to the wall or ceiling to save space.

In this way working is fun again. The sense of warmth and comfort at any time, Trotec every time!

And if all that was not enough to convince you, then the price will bowl you over! Browse through our range of heaters. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get contact us!

Electric heater TDS 10 for £19.98 incl. VAT.
Electric heater TDS 20 for £75.28 incl. VAT.
Electric heater TDS 30 for £40.00 incl. VAT.
Electric heater TDS 50 for £72.03 incl. VAT.
Electric heater TDS 75 for £104.05 incl. VAT.
Electric heater TDS 100 for £232.18 incl. VAT.
Electric heater TDS 120 for £320.26 incl. VAT.

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