Green finger’s right hand


In winter things quieten down a bit, in both the garden and the greenhouse.  When it is cold outside there is very little you can do as a hobby gardener and a lover of home-grown fruit and flowers. Does this period of inactivity leave you feeling frustrated? If it does, now there is a way around it. A Trotec electric heater helps your favourite plants survive the winter and at the same time allows you to carry on gardening in your greenhouse. The models in the TDS-Series create the best conditions. Quick and easy to install – go with Trotec!

Sprouting shoots, vigorous buds, the fragrance of blossom and green shoots: Do you, as a passionate hobby gardener and exotic-plant fan miss that during the cold months? Of course you do! Because of the low temperatures nothing stirs in the beds in your greenhouse. And the more unusual, exotic plants that are sensitive to frost need extra protection and are generally carefully stowed away in corners and alcoves out of the wind. For hobby-gardeners waiting for the winter to pass is often a test of patience. Even after the first springtime rays of sunshine, when everybody else heaves a sigh of relief and goes out on their patios to joyfully welcome spring, you cannot be sure that an unexpected ground frost will not decimate your planting beds. In many parks and public gardens gardeners tend to err on the side of caution and not plant out flowers or ornamental plants until sometime around mid-may.

The wait is over

For those who do not want to rely on the temperature outdoors, the greenhouse can be set up for year-round operations. Basically, only two things are necessary for this: a power connection, a plug socket that can be used in moist conditions, and an electric heating device. In this way, at the push of a button, you can provide the warm conditions that your plants need to grow and thrive all year round. Trotec’s TDS-Series electric heaters are well suited to be the right hand to your green fingers.

Warmth at the push of a button

In addition to the constant heat output there is another advantage to using a Trotec electric-fan heater. The appliances do not produce waste gasses in your greenhouse. This means that your plants are effectively protected from absorbing harmful substances. Also, the high-performance models do not consume oxygen. Therefore, the level of oxygen in the greenhouse is not compromised and the plants are able to develop in their full splendour. You do not have to worry about anything other than pressing the button to turn the fan on when additional heat is needed.

A suitable model for any need

How big is your greenhouse? How much heat is needed? As a hobby gardener you have the instinct you need. Trotec supports individual requirements with its selection of electric heaters in various designs. For small spaces the TDS 10 is a good electric heater to buy. This practical entry-level model has a heat output of 2 kW and is particularly versatile thanks to its compact size. With the TDS 20 you begin to move into the range of professional heaters. This electric fan heater comes with an additional air baffle, which controls and directs the warm flow of air and makes this model extremely efficient. The TDS 50 already begins to score highly with its heat output of 9 kW. With this heater, thanks to its integrated thermostat control, the warm air flow can be easily adjusted to the temperature required.  This means that even in the depths of winter you can adequately heat large greenhouses.
The preinstalled suspension devices on all models in the TDS-range are particularly practical. In just a few simple steps this compact and powerful heat provider can be attached to walls and ceilings to become an effective piece of equipment in your plant paradise.

The benefits to you

  • Multi-level temperature control
  • integrated thermostat for constant warmth
  • overheating protection
  • fan motor with thermal protection
  • no oxygen consumption and no production of combustion waste gases
  • fixing options for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Excellent value for money

The ideal heater for greenhouses

Are you currently looking for a heater that is as impressive as it is economical? Then why not find out more about our electric heaters from the TDS-Series – which are available now from as little as £19.98 incl. VAT in the Trotec shop!

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