TTKwic – the smart quick-connector for a single water drainage


Restoration and repair technicians specialising in water damage know that they must keep their condenser dryers with integrated condensate pumps in constant use for effective damage repair. For many, this requires an elaborate installation of water drainage hoses from the drying units used to the next water drainage point. But it has long been different at Trotec. Because the smart TTKwic quick-connector enables the connection of up to two dehumidifiers with condensate pumps.

Every WA 4i MultiQube water separator, as well as the Qube as a combi-device, is equipped with two integrated TTKwic quick-connectors. These quick-connectors are time saving and convenient, connecting condensate drainage hoses from two dehumidifiers with condensate pumps. All the water is then centrally drained through only one drainage hose. Save yourself the time and materials required for multiple complicated connections of condensate drainage hoses to distant water drains and ensure both effective and reliable permanent drying – fast, simple, clean, and reliable thanks to TTKwic!

How it works

The TTKwic quick-connector is a specially developed pressure coupling with a special valve, optimally tailored for combined use with Trotec condensate pump kits. Only when the pump side pressure builds does the valve open for the intake of water. Power loss of the vacuum stream is prevented via an integrated lock in a simultaneously permanent and reliable manner. Despite the ingenious construction, the TTKwic installation is extremely user-friendly: Plug in the hose and it’s done!

TTKwic – exclusively supplied by Trotec, thanks to the protection of utility models

TTKwic is one of many clever solutions from Trotec which simplifies the daily life of restoration and repair technicians.
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