Trotec interview with Mark Gemmell from Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd.


Since 2005 the company Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd. supplies the New Zealand market with machines and measuring instruments from Trotec. During the past years the product range has continually been enlarged and instead of 8 Trotec products in 2006 Accurate Instruments now provides 110 different products. Mark Gemmell is the national sales and marketing manager. In our Trotec interview he told us how the business relationship grew over the years and what changed in the market on the other side of the world.

Mark, would you please tell us some facts about Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd. and its history? When was the company founded, what changed since then and when/how did you start the business relationship with Trotec?
Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd was founded in Auckland in 1994 as an instrument supplier and calibration/repair centre, servicing the surveying and construction industry. Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio of products and aligned itself with several world renown high quality instrument manufacturers and suppliers.

“Accurate Instruments now offers over 110 different Trotec products to the New Zealand market“

Our business relationship with Trotec started in 2005. We started importing the Multi Measure Professional range of moisture meters into NZ. Ever since, many things changed. In 2006, Accurate Instruments offered only seven or eight different Trotec products to the end user. As we head into 2014, Accurate Instruments now offers over 110 different Trotec products to the New Zealand market. We make a wide range of the measurement and machinery equipment available including moisture meters, infrared cameras, dehumidifiers, ventilators, oil and electric heating systems, laser pyrometers, data loggers and leak detection.

How big is Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd. today? What are your future plans? Do you want to expand or invest in new products to enter new markets?
We have two showroom branches. One is located in Auckland covering the North Island; the other one is located in Christchurch covering the South Island. Over 20 employees are key components of our business. They work in sales, rental, servicing/repair, training and education.
In the third quarter of 2013 we even expanded by adding a full range of technical and consumable health and safety products.

How did you hear about Trotec and how did the business relationship come up?
For the first time we noticed Trotec in 2005 because a building surveyor wanted to know more about the range of moisture meters. Then we introduced the T650 and T600 into the New Zealand market and from then on the company relationship as well as the product range constantly has grown.

Are there some things you really like when working with us? How would you describe our service?
The key to success between businesses is communication. Efficiency, precision and clarity of communication are paramount when you want to succeed in a certain market with an imported brand and product. That is a very special fact when working with Trotec. Due to the significant distance between Trotec, located in Germany and Accurate Instruments, located in New Zealand, we really rely on a clear and direct communication. And what shall I say? It just works although Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd. is the furthest location of supply for Trotec.

What is the difference in working with Trotec in comparison with other companies?
As an importing business located in a small country at the bottom of the world we rely on personal relationships with our suppliers. The ability to communicate directly with product managers, the export team, service technicians etc. enables us to maintain a high standard of product knowledge and support to our

“Over the past eight years many business friendships with Trotec employees have been forged“

domestic industry. Over the past eight years many business friendships with Trotec employees have been forged. After we visited Germany in the first quarter of 2008 and Trotec visited us in New Zealand in 2010 the business relationship became even stronger after a week-long visit by Accurate Instruments staff to Heinsberg in 2013.

The famous last words. Is there anything else you want to tell us?
The recent 100 % Trotec branding campaign is a great example of the ongoing growth and development of Trotec as a brand in the market. As a business partner we are really looking forward to a continuing and expanding business relationship with you guys. We are sure that we will enlarge the product range again.

Thank you very much, Mark Gemmell

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