Convector TCH 20 E – back in stock!

Our solid direct heating device for clean heating as a temporary and supplementary solution, the convector TCH 20 E, sold out very quickly due to its sensationally low price. With the elegant device you can heat independently of oil or gas prices, since all you need to operate the electric heater is a power socket. Just as the year begins, the TCH 20 E is now back in stock – because who wants to sit around with cold feet in the new year?

A convector heater, like the TCH 20 E, transfers the heat to the ambient air through convection – from the Latin word convectum, meaning “transported”. To this end, the Trotec device heats the cold inflowing air via electrically heated wires. The warm air then rises, creating a natural suction effect, which draws the cold ambient air into the convector. This leads to a smooth cycle and natural air circulation in the room – spreading the pleasant heat evenly.

The benefits for you at a glance – the convector TCH 20 E

  • can be heated cleanly, free of condensation and odours with three heat settings: 750 W, 1,250 W and 2,000 W.
  • has a continuously variable thermostat control. As soon as the pre-set temperature is reached, the TCH 20 E automatically switches off – and back on again when the temperature falls.
  • can also be used as a frost monitor thanks to the thermostat control. Using a thermostat, the heater is automatically activated to keep rooms free from frost or to avoid excessive drops in temperature. An integrated overheating protection system ensures a constant safe operation.
  • guarantees secure support with its large adjustable feet. Using two integrated suspension brackets on the back of the device, you can also easily use the electric heater as a wall unit.
  • can be easily transported from one location to another thanks to its low weight and carrying handles.

Convector TCH 20 E – solid, elegant and sensationally cheap!

One of your first bargains in the new year – as long as you don’t wait too long. Order the convector TCH 20 E today at our current price, reduced from £31.87 to only £18.18 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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