NEW 11-piece drill and chisel set for hammer drills – in industrial quality!

The 11-piece professional set is the optimal equipment for all hammer drills and percussion hammers with an SDS plus system, such as the PRDS 10-230V from Trotec. Due to its industrial quality of wear-resistant alloyed tool steel, the 9 hammer spiral drills, as well as a flat and pointed chisel, enable fast “hammer-safe” work.

All drill and chisel attachments are made of the high quality alloyed tool steel 40Cr. Whether drilling into stone, lightweight concrete and bricks, or chiselling through concrete and rock – the professional attachments always ensure fast progress in your work. The complete set is supplied in a practical storage box in which you can keep all tool attachments neatly arranged at all times.

This is how it works

  • The 9 hammer spiral drills in diameters from 5 to 22 mm enable fast and easy placement of small or large dowels. Each drill is made of durable, chrome-alloyed tool steel and has a hammer-safe tungsten carbide tip with a hardness of 48 HRC. This ensures a long service life even under high stress conditions. The asymmetrical spiral shape of the drill ensures optimal drill dust removal.
  • The break-proof flat chisel (20 x 250 mm) of industrial quality wear-resistant alloyed tool steel achieves a targeted breaking effect in rock for fast masonry openings or for chiselling out channels for cables. The geometry of its cutting tip prevents the chisel from jamming.
  • The pointed chisel (14 x 250 mm) offers the same tool characteristics. Its special construction achieves a point-oriented concentration of all the impact energy and ensures the greatest possible material removal through the wedge effect.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • the wear-resistant alloyed tool steel for all attachments
  • the optimal suitability for stone, lightweight concrete and brick
  • the ability to use all hammer drills and percussion hammers with an SDS plus system
  • the practical storage box supplied

11-piece drill and chisel set for hammer drills – get yours now!

Order the new 11-piece drill and chisel set today, reduced from £18.17 to just £13.63 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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