NEW! PAC 2000 E air conditioner – air-conditioning, dehumidification and ventilation

PAC 2000 E air conditioner

One for all: this new air conditioner is the answer to a multitude of questions, for example, what can air conditioners do other than cooling? Can the device be used easily in more than one room? Or what’s the energy footprint and how cheap is the device? Simple: with the new PAC 2000 E, everything is included – and with our DEAL you will save while you wait!

The best part: the new PAC 2000 E is not just the ultimate savings package thanks to the DEAL offer, it’s also a great space saver: with its super compact construction, the device will fit into even the smallest nooks and crannies. Not that there is any reason to hide it away, with its well thought-out design the stylish device impresses at first sight. And its performance data also match up: with a maximum cooling capacity of 2.0 kW it keeps spaces up 65 m³ comfortably cool. When it has to, the PAC 2000 E can effortlessly cool the room temperature down to 16 °C. On top of that, you can also use the device as a dehumidifier or even, without the cooling cycle, as a ventilator.

This is how it works

Thanks to the compact dimensions, integrated cable reel and the convenient transport castors, you can comfortably wheel the PAC 2000 E from room to room. You can, for example, move it from the living room into the bedroom before going to bed in the evening. The best bit: the device’s energy footprint is exemplary and was therefore awarded the energy efficiency rating A. There is therefore no cheaper way to cool your home, or as mentioned above, to dehumidify the air or use the device as a ventilator.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • The comfortable indoor climate thanks to air conditioning, dehumidification and ventilation all in one device
  • The high cooling performance down to 16 °C for rooms up to 65 m³
  • The distinction with the best energy efficiency class A
  • The convenient transportation thanks to castors and an integrated cable reel

Save while you wait – deliveries start from CW 12

Why not prepare yourself today so you can relax when you welcome in the first warm days of the year: order the PAC 2000 E air conditioner for just £ 139.79 instead of £ 258.52  excl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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