Beware of low cost air conditioners!

Air conditioner

Anyone who enjoys browsing online for bargains will recognise the phenomenon. Air conditioners, allegedly massive bargains, being sold at prices way below the norm. How is it possible? Well, that usually becomes clear when the “new” unit is delivered. For these unusually cheap pieces of equipment are usually behind the times both in terms of their technology and their energy efficiency balance.

That is to say, if you go for this type of offer you run the risk of being taken in by a machine from last year which is already technically obsolete. Although it is true that air conditioners do not come with a “best by” date, numerous innovations are introduced every year which are reflected in, for example, a faultless energy efficiency balance. The best examples of this are our PAC 2000 E and PAC 2600 E units. Both are cutting-edge models which represent the latest generation of air conditioners in terms of technology and efficiency.

PAC 2600 E and PAC 2000 E: superb price-performance ratio

What is inside is crucial. And we have put our heart and soul into the components in these two top models. The result is two ultra-chic marvels, beautifully designed, which deliver all the right performance data. For both of them succeed, easily, in bringing the ambient temperature down to a cool 16 C°. The PAC 2600 E does it in rooms of up to 80 m³, and the PAC 2000 E in areas of up to 65 m³. You can also deploy both the units as air dehumidifiers and aerators with no cooling operation. And, best of all, both the models are certified and have been awarded energy efficiency class A.

You will not find models that can boast the same quality as these Trotec PACs more cheaply, anywhere. And with Trotec you can be sure that you will benefit from genuine brand quality, without exception, in every price category. Is there any need to also mention that this guarantee applies to all our models, and that all of them are upgraded so that they are state-of-the-art, every year? Surely not?!

Trotec air conditioners. You know what you’re buying!

Are you curious? If so, why not find out more right now about our wide range of air conditioners, and particularly about our two superstars, the PAC 2600 E for just £ 181.07 and PAC 2000 E for just £ 150.88 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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