Supplying the body with fluids

"Eating" water

Drink plenty, it keeps the body fit and boosts the metabolism. Experts advise that people should drink at least two litres of water per day. Firstly, this will provide the body with important minerals and nutrients. Secondly, pure water helps to break down and eliminate harmful substances such as metabolic and environmental toxins.

Water stored using a Trotec SecoSan Stick is ideal for this task. You can also increase your body’s fluid intake by consciously eating foods that contain a lot of water.

Supplying the body with fluids

An adequate supply of water for the body is important for one’s well-being and health. If you don’t remember to drink, you will quickly notice the effects. You will feel drained, be unable to concentrate, and complain of headaches. Taking on water systematically is particularly important with children, for they do not experience thirst as strongly as grown-ups do. But adults often forget to drink too, whether because they are busy or stressed, or because their day lacks routine.  So nutritionists always advise you to ensure you drink 1.5 to 2 litres of fresh water per day.

“Eating” water

Taking on water does not mean just drinking. An adult body needs to replace around two and a half litres of water per day. For this is the amount that it usually excretes. Anyone who eats healthily can provide the body with half of this through eating. One should be aware that there are foods with a higher or lower water content. Fruit and vegetables, particularly, have a high water content. For example, a cucumber is 96 percent water, field lettuce is 93 percent, and an apple is 80 percent. But cheese, bread, fish and meat also contain lots of water. So, you see, with the right foods you will consciously add to your body’s water supply.
Meanwhile, of course, you should not overlook drinking. Mineral water, tap water and unsweetened tea are the best thirst-quenchers and, at the same time, the healthiest. Out in front, of course, is pure water. You will always have extremely fresh, pure drinking water to hand if you get in a stock of SecoSan water. To this end, just fill a pitcher or bottle with tap water and pop in a SecoSan Stick. This will keep the water pure and fresh over time, as it binds the oxygen content, and prevents germs and bacteria from multiplying.

Fresh for months

The SecoSan Stick, in fact, works using the silver principle which is well known for getting rid of germs and bacteria. A SecoSan Stick of whatever size can be used for six months and reliably guarantees top quality water. Meanwhile, you can top up the water store as often as you like. SecoSan Sticks, designed to provide your household with pure water pleasure, come in size 1, which keeps 0.7 litres of water fresh and pure, and size 2, which provides 2 litres of quality drinking water. Act on your good intentions for systematically drinking water today, and order your personal purifiers online. Go to our Trotec online-shop.


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