Buy a B400 humidifier and get a BX10 energy meter for FREE!

Temperatures are plummeting – and so are our prices!
Don’t get caught cold-footed! Buy a B400 humidifier and get a BX10 for free!

B400 humidifier + free BX10The new year is off to a cold start! And true to the promise we made at the end of last year we at Trotec have come up with another super special offer with a special bargain price and a matching gift. Buy a low-price B400 humidifier and get a BX10 energy meter absolutely free!

Save money on a power-packing B400 large-scale humidifier which allows you to create just the right indoor climate while improving the air quality in your home or office and lean back and enjoy the comfort and the control that only a fully-automatic humidifier can really afford. And because the B400 is equipped with a humidistat you can control the relative humidity and regulate the moisture in your rooms and at the same time stop dry air from affecting your comfort and your health  – all year round.

The B400 is easy to use and as reliable as you would think: it can be refilled with normal tap water or connected to a water supply and thanks to the two-stage 3M™ Aircare™ filters you can always count on it to keep the air in your rooms clean and healthier by getting rid of unwanted dust particles and unpleasant odours.

Buy a B400 today and get a BX10 free. Control the relative humidity in your home and enjoy the benefits of an ideal indoor climate while checking and managing the exact amount of energy you use to power your various household appliances.

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900 m³ of power-punching performance: B400 large-scale humidifier…

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