Get up to 40% discount on your brand-new electric heater

Electric heaters "early bird discount"

Germany in the grip of sub-zero temperatures! Time to heat it up!
Get a 40% discount on your electric heater here!

Cold front “Daisy” has moved on but sub-zero temperatures are here to stay. The warehouses here at Trotec are as bare as old Mrs Hubbard’s cupboard – a sure sign that Germany is in the firm grip of winter, and heating units all over the country are selling like hot cakes.

We have even sold out of some of our standard models: the TDS 50, TDS 75 and the TDS 100 are currently no longer available. But help is at hand! We are expecting fresh supplies soon and that’s why we have a very special offer lined up for all those early birds who are prepared to wait an extra 40 days.

Order now and knock up to 40% off the price of one of special offer electric heaters!

Buy now and get a 1% discount for every day until the estimated date of delivery. That adds up to a total of 40% if you order now! The longer you wait, the more you save. Go to our countdown clock to see just exactly how much you can save.

Now doesn’t that sound very much like a really hot offer to you?

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