Guide ‘Mobile winter heating’ 4/5 – Outside vs. Inside Installation

fuel tank

Indoors or outdoors? There should really be no disagreement where to best place a mobile heater. Nothing, neither in terms of efficiency nor from an ecological standpoint, speaks against bringing the heater into your home. Unless it is just too big – but even here we have a solution available. If, despite everything, not at all seems to fit: we keep the right equipment for ‘outside to inside’ conversion ready for you.

Often heaters with over 100 kW output are placed outdoors in front of the building or tent to be heated because of their size. The heater now heats the cold outside air and blows it through air transport hoses into the building.

Of course, it’s obvious that a heater that is set up outdoors requires much more time, energy and fuel than an indoor heater in order to adjust the temperature of a room as desired. Because it heats based on recirculation, that is, it just continues to heat the already warmed up room air.

Since fuel consumption is often two to three times higher for an outdoor set up, Trotec offers as compactly built as possible heaters for its most common models. Because, at only 80 cm wide, they fit through all normal doors!

If ‘outdoors’ is the only way to go – use the SP-C combination hose 

Then you should definitely rely on proven Trotec quality for your air transport hoses as well. The first two meters of the SP-C combination hose, used to connect mobile oil and electric heaters, is made from highly robust neoprene fabric and designed for temperatures between -24° C and +150° C. With an arbitrarily extendible standard length of 7.6 m, you are flexible regarding the location of your mobile heater.

Like to stay ‘outside in front of the door’ – the TFC 1000 and TFC 3000 fuel tanks

Because large heater really start up on an extra dose of oil: thanks to its nationally approved permit as a storage tank as per hazard class AIII, there are no restrictions where you can set up the double-walled fuel tank – which is available either with a 1,000 litre or 3,000 litre capacity – even in water protection areas! The tanks come standard with fork slots and crane lifting lugs and, because of their stackable design, are easy to haul and deliver. The tanks are equipped with lockable lids to protect against tampering.

Buy or rent – you decide!

Trust our expertise as a market leader for all your questions purchasing or renting mobile heating equipment. Best inform yourself today and order the SP-C combination hose in various diameters starting at €107.10 and the TFC 1000 fuel tank for €1,995 including VAT – from us in our Trotec shop! You can also rent fuel tanks, hoses and other accessories for your temporary use – our TKL rental centre is happy to provide you with more information directly when you call +49 2452 962 160.

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