Climate measurement instrument BC20 Thermohygrometer


Is there really an ideal feel good climate for humans and animals, plants and furniture as well as devices? Or is there any latent risk of rust or mould? If you want to play safe, grab the BC20 Thermohygrometer – the climate measurement instrument with professional ambition: now offered particularly favourable!

With the Thermohygrometer BC20 you can control the humidity and temperature ratio at anytime – and determine the ideal climate conditions in living, work and storage rooms. With its four measurement functions for air humidity, air temperature, the dew point and wet bulb temperature, the BC20 Thermohygrometer is ideally suited for the fast check of the environment of devices at household and handcraft.

That’s how it works

The sturdy construction of the BC20 with its shock proof and flexural strength stainless steel probe makes it suitable for use in rough applications of ventilation technicians. By means of the integrated dew point temperature measurement you can answer any question around building climate checks. The additional function of measuring the wet bulb temperature enables the application of the BC20 at the planning, calibration and performance control of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Four of many advantages, which I like the most:

The four measuring functions with just one device: relative humidity, air temperature, dew point and wet bulb temperature.
The dual display to present parallel measurement values
The minimum and maximum value and hold function
The easy one-hand operation

Grab it now: the climate measurement instrument BC20 Thermohygrometer

You get the BC20 Thermohygrometer for 29.95 € instead of 76.16 € incl. VAT. now at our Trotec Shop

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