NEW PC220 particle counter – finally ready for delivery!


Good news for everyone interested in precise air quality measurements indoors, efficiency and leak tests for suspended matter or HVAC filters and air particle monitoring and climate data recording: our new PC220 mobile environmental measuring unit is finally here! The particle counter is ideally suited for monitoring, quality assurance and evaluating the air quality in the fields of production, health and safety…

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NEW Laser PC220 Particle Counter – on SALE now!


From examining cleanrooms to filter-efficiency tests to monitoring workplace loads or quality assurance measures – with our new mobile PC220 environment measuring units,all of this can be done without a problem. This is because the laser particle counter is ideally suited to monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation of the air quality in the area of productivity, health and security. And it is just as easy for you to purchase it at a great price – with our current DEAL. Read More

Not just clean, but pristine!

Industrial Air Purifiers

If a ventilation system is contaminated, it can no longer clean the air of dirt. It dispenses the particles through the ventilation ducts in all rooms. Dust, grease deposits and dirt are ideal breeding grounds for mould and bacteria. Once these have formed in the ducts, your ventilation system quickly turns into a distributor of pests.

And that’s not all: A contaminated ventilation system works less efficiently and causes operating costs to shoot up. You won’t get very far with brushes and cleaners. Use Trotec’s mobile TAC series air cleaners and you will always be one step ahead of the hygiene regulations. Clean, hygienic air – quick and lasting!

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