TDS 100 ELECTRIC FAN HEATER – back in stock!

Our warmest recommendation for big heating jobs – the TDS 100 electric fan heater is finally available again. The impressive professional solution is 100% Trotec in development, design and production and unites solid engineering in a budget-optimised solution focussing on principally longer stationary heating applications. The powerful electric heater is especially suitable for professional heating of workshops, large warehouses and production halls due to its convenient spare capacity.

Because the electric heater only emits condensation-free heat without consuming oxygen, it is ideally suited for heating closed rooms. In addition, the professional device will impress you in handicraft as well as in the industrial sector – due to its unique practice-oriented and comfortable equipment.

The benefits for you at a glance – the TDS 100 electric fan heater

  • has superior reserve capacities, with up to 22 kW heating performance at an emitted air volume of over 1,600 m³/h.
  • is equipped with two heating levels for temperature control as well as an additional level for the fan operation without a heating function.
  • thanks to the integrated thermostat control, generates a continuous stream of warm air, held constantly at exactly the desired temperature.
  • has a fastening apparatus: a fastening thread attached to the side enables the option of attaching wall and ceiling brackets. This allows you to flexibly use the device just as easily on the floor as on the wall or ceiling.
  • the carrying handles mounted in a trapezoid shape allow space-saving and stable stackability.
  • is recommendable as a safe device due to its overheating protection and its fan motor equipped with thermal protection.

TDS 100 Electric fan heater – Big. Strong. Warm.

Order the TDS 100 electric fan heater today at our current offer price, reduced from £375.36 to just £243.96 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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