NEW Comfort Dehumidifier TTK 28 E – the top of the range for small spaces

Given that the new TTK 28 E was specially designed for small heated spaces, the device has lost size and weight accordingly. The comfort dehumidifier is so small that space can always be found – even in very tight situations. And this outright lightweight device can be used with flexibility and without effort. There is a lot we have saved on – excluding its perfect configuration: this is so good that it overcomes every demand placed on it – and has a convincingly large performance capacity.

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“Where is the damp coming from?” – heating and ventilating correctly

Heating and ventilating incorrectly impairs the indoor climate and leads to heating bills mounting up. And that is by no means everything: When air and surface moisture is too high and room temperatures are too low, the risk of mould formation increases. Therefore, tips for correctly heating and ventilating your home have been compiled in the last part of our series – including our recommendations for professional comfort dehumidifiers in the TTK series from Trotec.

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TTK 100 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

The trendy dehumidifier was sold out, due just as much to its successful design as its high performance. As of recently it is now back in stock, but if we are honest, it won’t be for long – the demand for stylish dehumidifiers of this class is unwavering. And besides that, the new product video for the TTK 100 E has been released, which is of course heating up anticipation even more … That’s why only one honest recommendation can be made: Buy it now!

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Trotec can help large garages reach the optimum garage climate for vintage cars

Above all in winter, when it is cold and wet, vintage car fans have to be careful and put their treasured cars into winter storage. This means: parking them in the garage with the other prized vehicles. But is that really safe? A moist garage climate sometimes puts those prized collector’s items at an added risk. Chrome, metal and upholstery all suffer under the effects of raised humidity levels. Larger garages, in which several historic vehicles are parked at the same time, must also be kitted out with the best technology so that vintage cars aren’t damaged and also don’t lose a great deal of value as a result. Do you own one or several high-value vehicles? Or do you run a vintage car garage with parking space rentals where your customers rely on the optimum garage climate for their chrome treasures? Then rely on Trotec. As the global market leader for dehumidifying devices, Trotec offers effective dehumidification even in large unheated garages with the latest DH-VPR+ Generation. Our climate experts can help you in planning the necessary equipment. Because, it all comes down to the correct room design!

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TTK 69 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

Modern design – like the head panel with a piano lacquer look. Impressive technology – with numerous features. With its inner values, the TTK 69 E completely embodies everything it promises with its gorgeous exterior look: You receive a practically fully-equipped version of this top-notch dehumidifier because it offers nearly every feature. Includes the bargain price feature – but that’s included with every Trotec unit!

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TTK 68 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

If it were a pop star, the TTK 68 E dehumidifier would be giving an extra concert after the other one – because this stylish dehumidifier is one of our most in demand devices. Sold out until a short time ago, the fans who until now had to wait in line have a good chance to leave the TTK 68 E performing live permanently in their own homes. It comes to you with its complete range of features and at a budget price – as long as you invite it in time!

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Dry heated air increases the risk of catching a cold

Heaters do indeed provide cosy warmth, but they generally have one big draw back: Heated air dries out the mucous membranes and blocks their immune function – that increases your susceptibility to infections and promotes colds and respiratory diseases. In contrast, a higher air humidity makes breathing easy because it prevents the drying out of the mucous membranes. We’re saying to you that you don’t need to compromise snug warmth in order to keep the air you breathe comfortably moist …

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TTK 71 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock

With its attractive design and excellent technical features, our TTK 71 E dehumidifier never ceases capturing the hearts of our customers time after time. The device sold out once again pretty much straight away – but now the pause in delivery has come to an end! This timelessly elegant eye-catcher is not only at the top of people’s agenda for the reasons stated, but also because it will arrive at your door for an unbeatable price.

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NEW TTK 30 E comfort dehumidifier – back in stock!

”They sold like hotcakes!” This saying has seldom hit the nail on the head as much as for our new TTK 30 E dehumidifier. Because the highlight of the device – three colour LED lights that display the current humidity in the room – increased the demand dramatically in toward “sold out!” But now all are rewarded who trusted in the Trotec delivery competence according to the motto “wait and see”: the brilliant comfort dehumidifier can now be obtained once again.

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NEW comfort dehumidifier TTK 53 E – is available for delivery today!


It’s finally here – the new dehumidifier TTK 53 E is ready for use and waiting to be delivered. With its deliberately functional design, the dehumidifier harmoniously complements almost all styles of interior design, while adding its own visual touches – the colour LED lights tell you at a glance what the air humidity levels in the room are. And the best bit: our pre-order is still valid until the end of CW 28. Read More