Trotec can help large garages reach the optimum garage climate for vintage cars

Above all in winter, when it is cold and wet, vintage car fans have to be careful and put their treasured cars into winter storage. This means: parking them in the garage with the other prized vehicles. But is that really safe? A moist garage climate sometimes puts those prized collector’s items at an added risk. Chrome, metal and upholstery all suffer under the effects of raised humidity levels. Larger garages, in which several historic vehicles are parked at the same time, must also be kitted out with the best technology so that vintage cars aren’t damaged and also don’t lose a great deal of value as a result. Do you own one or several high-value vehicles? Or do you run a vintage car garage with parking space rentals where your customers rely on the optimum garage climate for their chrome treasures? Then rely on Trotec. As the global market leader for dehumidifying devices, Trotec offers effective dehumidification even in large unheated garages with the latest DH-VPR+ Generation. Our climate experts can help you in planning the necessary equipment. Because, it all comes down to the correct room design!

It ought to be a very special place: clean, calm and well-kept – and above all the climate must be just right. We are talking about garages, and particularly garages with several vehicles parked inside for the winter.

So that the garage air cannot damage the prized collector’s items, the relative humidity must be kept at a specific level constantly. The following rule applies: the ideal humidity level for protecting prized vehicles from corrosion and other moisture-related damage is between 50 and 55 per cent.

But as humidity noticeably increases during the colder months, supreme caution is necessary. For you that means, regardless of whether you own several vintage cars or run a large garage for discerning customers: you need to ensure optimum climatic conditions in the garage – especially in large garages where several high-value vehicles are parked and/or in storage. Two factors present a particular challenge to a constant, ideal garage climate: the size of the room and the fact that the vehicles are moved and therefore bring additional moisture into the garage e.g. after driving through rain or snow.

Optimum garage climate thanks to Trotec

Ideal climatic conditions in garages protect high-value vehicles from corrosion and mildew. How is this optimal garage climate achieved? Simple! Rely on Trotec and the unique DH-VPR+ climate manager with intelligent ThinC!-climate technology. The innovative dehumidifiers guarantee the best climatic conditions in every garage. Whether a single or double garage, a collector’s garage or a commercial rental hall. Continuous and effective so that all vehicles remain in the best condition! In addition, state-of-the-art air purification and filter modules are used in the DH-VPR+ series devices, purifying the garage air and preventing unpleasant precipitation. Ultimately the garage should be kept as free from soot and dust as possible. For the sake of the vehicles and their owners!

It all comes down to the correct room design

Regardless whether it’s a private vehicle garage, a small hall for your own vintage car collection, or a garage with parking spaces for renting to discerning customers. Every car owner wants to know their chrome treasures are stored in the best way!  With the different DH-VPR+ climate manager models, every room can be perfectly equipped. The rule is: it all comes down to the correct room design!

First and foremost, the required dehumidification capacity is key when choosing the model. Both the size and the prevalent temperature of the garage play a large role with this. For use in smaller garages, the DH 15 VPR+ dehumidifier is better suited. It regulates the humidity in garages with a size of up to 160 m3 to an optimal level completely automatically. However, if relatively low temperatures are prevalent, then try the DH 30 VPR+. It ensures the best garage climate in small, unheated garages. The long-standing experience of the Trotec climate experts has shown that garages with a size of up to 200 m3, for example, in which an average temperature of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius is prevalent, should ideally be fitted with the DH 30 VPR+.

Corrosion, precipitation and mildew do not stand a chance in garages of up to 650 m3 with the installation of the DH 60 VPR+. The average temperatures during the colder months have to be taken into account here too. Combining several devices is recommended with particularly large halls and garages. That can also be done without a hitch with the DH VPR+ series.

Just think: investing in a garage climate to conserve your vehicle’s value makes up only a fraction of the total value stored in the garage in the form of your vintage car.

The advantages of DH-VPR+ with ThinC! Climate Management System

  • One of a kind: active climate management with 4-in-1 protective function against humidity, odours, air pollutants and dust
  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality – Trotec original manufacturing
  • Specially designed for preserving the value of expensive exhibits, objects and possessions
  • Perfect dehumidification performance even at low temperatures above 0 °C
  • Two-component filter for dust and soot – specifically in garages
  • Air filter for dust and cleaning the air of pollen and allergens
  • High-quality industrial ioniser for effective odour neutralisation
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Hygrostat controlled automatic operation
  • Efficient hot gas defrosting system
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Also available in any colour and material on request

Order quickly and easily online

Reliable protection for your valuables and clean air: the cutting-edge DH dehumidifiers in the VPR+ series are available in various designs – depending on your needs and requirements. The DH 15 VPR+ dehumidifier with a maximum dehumidification performance of around 22 litres a day is available from £2,867.10 in the Trotec online shop. The DH 30 VPR+ dehumidifier with a maximum dehumidification performance of around 52 litres a day costs £3,718.19. The DH 60 VPR+ dehumidifier (104 litres a day) is available for the price of £4,782.05 in our online shop.

Professional support – any time!

The DH-VPR+ climate managers operate to protect the vehicles’ value in garages of every size. Trotec has the right model for every need. When choosing the device and when calculating the dimensions, the skilled professionals at Trotec are ready to help – at any time and with expert analysis.

Do you have questions about the design of the climate management system in your large garage? Do you want to learn how to achieve the ideal purification of garage air from dust, soot and oil mist? And is the issue of optimal odour elimination in your garage important to you? Then don’t hesitate to arrange a personal consultation. We are here for you.

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