NEW TTR Cargo – versatile trailer-mounted dryer for applications on-site

Those planning larger drying tasks for new constructions and renovation applications, or searching for temporary breakdown cover for high-capacity stationary units, will have come up against limits to capacity repeatedly up to now. But in combination with our high-performance TTR 5200, 6600 and 8200 dehumidifiers, the new TTR Cargo trailer-mounted dryer now enables on-site, high-performance solutions: TTR Cargo is the plug-in all-weather trailer for mobile drying applications with high capacity specifications.

As something of a drying specialist for the building and renovation sectors, mobile solutions will from now on be available to you with a drying air flow of up to 8200 m³/h and a dehumidifying capacity of up to 1109 litres per day. In the tandem design, the free-standing TTR Cargo chassis trailer can be combined with an adsorption drying unit, depending on the requirements, with either the TTR 5200, 6600 or 8200 – the construction of which is safe for transport.

Highly mobile solutions with the TTR 5200, 6600 or 8200

The TTR series dehumidifying units have been developed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards in Germany and are without exception equipped with efficient brand name components from manufacturers who lead the way in the newest generation of technology. Furthermore, because of their internal heat recovery as well as the high durability and performance of their special adsorption rotors, the TTR adsorption drying units are some of the most economical units in their class. Each individual unit and also our mobile solution is perfectly equipped to deal with every requirement thanks to their extensive range of optional extra equipment. These adsorption drying units from the TTR series can be combined with the TTR Cargo depending on the capacity requirement:

TTR 5200

TTR 6600

TTR 8200

Dehumidification capacity [kg/h] 29.1 37.2 46.2
Dehumidification capacity [kg/24h] 698 893 1109
Nominal air volume [m³/h] 5200 6600 8200

TTR Cargo scores points with its wide range of features

  • Robust and easy-to-maintain construction with galvanised vehicle chassis, fork slots, support wheel and two supporting legs
  • All control elements can be quickly accessed behind a lockable front cover
  • Additional storage compartment for accessories such as the air transport hoses etc.
  • All service covers can be pulled out and locked away using pneumatic springs
  • Easy-to-access aluminium shutters with lock
  • Integrated lifting module for easy removal of the adsorption drying units for servicing works etc.
  • Chassis assembly can be completely detached from the trailer upon request

TTR Cargo trailer-mounted dryer – purchase or rent?

If you are interested in our TTR Cargo trailer-mounted dryer, we are also happy to advise you and your company comprehensively on the 3 combinable TTR models. Simply call us on +49 2452 962-400 or send us an e-mail at

We would be more than happy to rent the TTR Cargo drying trailer with its three potential TTR models for the limited time period during which it is required – our rental centre TKL would be happy to inform you about this directly over the phone on +49 2452 962 160.

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