Day 2 at IWEX – The busiest day yet …

Trotec Stand at IWEX

Day 2 at IWEW and we were inundated with visitors …

Star of the show yesterday was the Trotec IC range of thermal imaging cameras – they were really hot! We could see that the temperature was rising inside the hall as all the visitors were amazed at the value and quality of these products.

We had several meetings yesterday with potential end users and collaborators alike. It’s great when it’s busy at a trade show because the time just flies by. The Multi-Measure basic range also continued to impress the visitors because of the robust nature of the products and the price compared to other brands.

The Drilling & Tapping completion came to a climax yesterday as well. The main completion was won by Sembacorp, formerly known as Bournemouth & West Hants Water with Northern Ireland ladies A taking the women’s laurels.

Today is International day at the competition with all home nations, (England, Ireland, Scotland & Northern Ireland) plus Holland slugging it out in the arena.

2 down, 1 to go!

Looking back: Day 1 at IWEX – the end of the beginning!

Great day at IWEX yesterday …

We had many visitors. Some people we knew and some people were new to us. We are using a scanner to collect visitor details barcoded on their badges which speeds up the process. As a result of the meetings yesterday, we have already been asked to make some offers to visitors. We will be making those offers today and we will continue to greet new visitors. We ended the day at a Champagne reception organised by EDIE – it’s a tough life but someone has to do it!

This is the middle day of the show and it is traditionally the busiest …

We have a number of people coming today who are specifically coming to see us to discuss their equipment needs. In addition to greeting them and meeting with them we have found that a constant supply of chocolates is also attracting people to Stand A10. In addition the Drilling & Tapping Competition is in full swing opposite Stand A10 bringing lots of people past us.

Day 2 in prospect and we are all looking forward to it!


IWEX: Day One

A long day yesterday, but a good day. Robert Bargolini and I finished setting up the Trotec stand at IWEX.

We are on Stand A10 at the show sandwiched between the Drilling & Tapping competition and the restaurant facilities. It means that there will be plenty of footfall around the Stand. The Stand is designed to be approached from all sides and we have plenty of products to show people. Read More

The day before tomorrow

Here at last at IWEX at the NEC in Birmingham.

The banners produced for us by Creating Media were picked up from the manufacturers on Friday afternoon and driven to deepest rural Herefordshire. Robert Bargolini, general manager for the water supply industry at Trotec, also arrived in deepest rural Herefordshire yesterday morning to load up and transport all the kit and equipment to the IWEX show in Birmingham. Packing the van was like completing a three dimensional jigsaw, but we did it in the end.

We arrived at the NEC around lunchtime and set about unloading and erecting the stand. We have more work to do today, but the graphics panels look really great and they do Trotec justice as they embark on their first major trade show in the UK. We are really looking forward to the show and we already have about 20 meetings with prospective customers set up over the three days of the show.

We will have a great array of products on Stand A10 and there will be a warm welcome for all of our visitors. Must go now – more work to do! Big day today – bigger day tomorrow!

I will be updating the BLOG every day this week from IWEX so look out for news and views. I will try and include some pictures as well.

The end is nigh…

Uk sights

Well here we are…

After all this time we are just a week away from IWEX at the NEX, Trotec’s debut Exhibition in the UK. Right now I am trying to think of all those last minute things that could go wrong or that I may have forgotten. The thing about a trade show is that it happens at a fixed point in time and nothing that we do can change that. However hard you have worked with checklists and shopping lists and all sorts of other lists, you are still waiting for the thing you have inevitably forgotten to reveal itself!

We will be picking up the exhibition stand from the suppliers on Friday. The team at Trotec, led by Marc Arhold, have worked tirelessly on producing the artwork for this. It’s really going to look great. The UK designers at
Creating Media have also worked very hard on co-ordinating design and suppliers from the UK as well. The moral of the story is the nearer you get to the event the faster the heart rate increases.

Well I had better go and have a lie down in a darkened room and concentrate on the list of things I have forgotten!

I will be updating the BLOG every day from IWEX next week so look out for news and views …

UK weekly news: The long hot summer of Trotec promotion gathers force.

Hello again,

Another week flashes by as we get nearer to the IWEX event that Trotec will be exhibiting at between 24th – 26th May 2011.

I have been looking at other events that may suit the rollout of the Trotec brand across the UK this summer. We have been in contact with the organisers of the Global Leakage Conference which will be held in London in June of this year.

This is a conference where water undertakers of the world over come and share experiences and information about their specialism with the rest of the world. The reason it is held in the UK is because the UK still remains in the most developed market for leak detection in the world. In addition, most leak detection equipment has been developed for the UK market and the UK is still viewed as a repository for technical excellence the world over. Talks have begun about how we might be part of this, so watch this space.

Meanwhile other preparations are taking place.

We are about to receive copies of the 7000 inserts that are going to be in Water Active, one of the UK’s best read water industry publications. The inserts will be in the Water Active edition to be published in early May targeted specifically at those who may be visiting IWEX.

I will be finishing off loading up documents and literature for the IWEX web site early next week and planning the pre-show mail shot to let people know where we are going to be and what we are exhibiting.

Back next week.

UK Weekly News: The pace increases

Hello again,

Another busy week promoting Trotec and their upcoming attendance at IWEX, (International Water Exhibition), being held at the National Exhibition Centre between 24th – 26th May 2011.

In addition to the IWEX show, I am also looking at a Road Show during June/July where we can travel throughout the UK to different venues, showing the product range to invited audiences at each regional location. We are looking at venues on the South coast, in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Yorkshire and Scotland. We would like to use interesting venues if possible: I have been looking at famous football stadia, cricket grounds and historic and interesting buildings such as the Thames Barrier and old fashioned water pumping stations. More about the road show over the coming weeks …

For now I am working on an article for publication in the trade press in the UK and compiling a mailing list for pre-event publicity for both IWEX and the Road Show. I have nearly completed the entry of all of Trotec listings on the IWEX web site – have a look at it here!

See you next week!

UK Weekly News: Drilling and Tapping – a mystery explained.

UK flag and typical london sightsHello again,

Another busy week organising Trotec’s marketing push into the UK. We are well advanced with our preparations for IWEX:

I had a number of meetings last week with key suppliers. We have now designed and printed the leaflet that will be going in the May edition of Water Active.  7000 lucky readers will get a leaflet trailing Trotec’s appearance at IWEX between May 24th – 26th at the world famous National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Read More

UK Weekly News: Meet Mr. Merrick!

Dear reader,

my name is Mick Merrick and I am a specialist in supplying equipment to the UK Utilities Industries.

I am working with Trotec, to help them get a foothold into the UK market. I started this process last month and I am already making progress.

The Trotec Group is an internationally operating trade and service corporation. It has subsidiaries, regional and partner enterprises in over 15 countries of the world. Their business network spreads from Heinsberg, the headquarters near Dusseldorf in Germany, to several countries in Europe and as far as to Hong Kong. This is the latest branch of the Trotec Group, which was established in order to control market development and distribution activities in the Asian market. With its own seminars, research and development divisions and service points in Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and China, the Trotec business is truly international.

Trotec had decided to expand its operations in the UK. I am leading that initiative and our first step has been to book space at the IWEX exhibition, part of Sustainability Live which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham between May 24th – 26th. We will be located on Stand A10 adjacent to the drilling and tapping competition.

Trotec will be launching a range of equipment at this prestigious trade show and I will be updating this BLOG on a regular basis.

For now, Auf Wiedersehen!