The end is nigh…

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Well here we are…

After all this time we are just a week away from IWEX at the NEX, Trotec’s debut Exhibition in the UK. Right now I am trying to think of all those last minute things that could go wrong or that I may have forgotten. The thing about a trade show is that it happens at a fixed point in time and nothing that we do can change that. However hard you have worked with checklists and shopping lists and all sorts of other lists, you are still waiting for the thing you have inevitably forgotten to reveal itself!

We will be picking up the exhibition stand from the suppliers on Friday. The team at Trotec, led by Marc Arhold, have worked tirelessly on producing the artwork for this. It’s really going to look great. The UK designers at
Creating Media have also worked very hard on co-ordinating design and suppliers from the UK as well. The moral of the story is the nearer you get to the event the faster the heart rate increases.

Well I had better go and have a lie down in a darkened room and concentrate on the list of things I have forgotten!

I will be updating the BLOG every day from IWEX next week so look out for news and views …

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