Day 2 at IWEX – The busiest day yet …

Trotec Stand at IWEX

Day 2 at IWEW and we were inundated with visitors …

Star of the show yesterday was the Trotec IC range of thermal imaging cameras – they were really hot! We could see that the temperature was rising inside the hall as all the visitors were amazed at the value and quality of these products.

We had several meetings yesterday with potential end users and collaborators alike. It’s great when it’s busy at a trade show because the time just flies by. The Multi-Measure basic range also continued to impress the visitors because of the robust nature of the products and the price compared to other brands.

The Drilling & Tapping completion came to a climax yesterday as well. The main completion was won by Sembacorp, formerly known as Bournemouth & West Hants Water with Northern Ireland ladies A taking the women’s laurels.

Today is International day at the competition with all home nations, (England, Ireland, Scotland & Northern Ireland) plus Holland slugging it out in the arena.

2 down, 1 to go!

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