UK weekly news: The long hot summer of Trotec promotion gathers force.

Hello again,

Another week flashes by as we get nearer to the IWEX event that Trotec will be exhibiting at between 24th – 26th May 2011.

I have been looking at other events that may suit the rollout of the Trotec brand across the UK this summer. We have been in contact with the organisers of the Global Leakage Conference which will be held in London in June of this year.

This is a conference where water undertakers of the world over come and share experiences and information about their specialism with the rest of the world. The reason it is held in the UK is because the UK still remains in the most developed market for leak detection in the world. In addition, most leak detection equipment has been developed for the UK market and the UK is still viewed as a repository for technical excellence the world over. Talks have begun about how we might be part of this, so watch this space.

Meanwhile other preparations are taking place.

We are about to receive copies of the 7000 inserts that are going to be in Water Active, one of the UK’s best read water industry publications. The inserts will be in the Water Active edition to be published in early May targeted specifically at those who may be visiting IWEX.

I will be finishing off loading up documents and literature for the IWEX web site early next week and planning the pre-show mail shot to let people know where we are going to be and what we are exhibiting.

Back next week.

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