Buy a TTK 100 S dehumidifier and get free accessories

TTK 100 S dehumidifierThere’s yet another special offer on one of our most famous products:
Buy a TTK 100 S dehumidifier and get the energy cost meter EKM 3650 for free!

But let’s have a look at our favoured dehumidifier first:
The TTK 100 S is one of the most powerful appliances in its class. The device got a maximum dehumidification performance of approx. 40 litres in 24h, an air flow rate of 190 m³/h and a maximum power input of 0.65 kW. The dehumidifier TTK 100 S is equipped with an adjustable hygrostat, an overload protection as well as with an automatic hot gas defrosting mode. Although having much power the device is far from being an electricity gobbler.

Just look and see – with the energy cost meter EKM 3650 !

Reveal appliances in your household consuming too much electricity. Have a look on how much power a device in standby mode needs. Simply read the measured data on a display without having to calculate any costs. The EKM 3650 is a fully automatic energy cost meter which is easy to use and very effective. This EKM 3650smart tool is also approved by a certificate of a global leader in independent testing and assessment services, called “TÜV”.

If you need further information you may have a look at our website…

…to see more benefits of the TTK 100 S dehumidifier.

…to see the technical data of the energy cost meter EKM 3650.

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