The NEW PSCS series of cordless drills – perfectly screwed, cleanly drilled!


A good cordless drill is among the basic professional equipment of any ambitious DIY enthusiast. With it, virtually any screwing and drilling work in renovations and extensions such as assembly and disassembly is a breeze. As we said: with a good cordless drill! We are now offering you three of them – all of them new top-of-the-range products from Trotec and great value thanks to our pre-order discount. Provided that you order before delivery in CW 26!

PSCS 10-12V Cordless drill

Equally powerful screwing and comfortable drilling are the special features of the PSCS 10-12V. This also includes 19 torque stages for strong screwing even with a low rotational speed and an extra stage for comfortably drilling at high speed. The ideal tool for practically any screwing or drilling work in the home, in a workshop or in the garden. The robust 2-speed gearbox of the PSCS 10-12V ensures the optimum, seamlessly adjustable power transmission of its powerful motor with a maximum torque of 22 Nm.
Thanks to the finely adjustable torque pre-selection, the required force can always be applied: precisely set to the material and screw size, which can be worked up to a diameter of 6 mm. With the PSCS 10-12V you can make drill holes up to 20 mm in diameter in wood and up to 8 mm in metal. With a strong, 12 V lithium ion battery – with no memory-effect and no self-drain!

PSCS 10-16V Cordless drill

The perfect power package for demanding users can screw tight and drill powerfully. The PSCS 10-16V is the ideal tool for all users who need an equally powerful and convenient cordless drill with high flexibility of use. Using the electronic speed control system, it is possible to work alternately with high power and at the same time finely graduated, for example when assembling furniture or extending a roof.
In addition 19 selectable torque settings plus a drilling stage and a robust 2-speed metal gearbox always guarantee the optimum power is used: In each case precisely set to the material and screw size, which can be worked up to a diameter of 8 mm. With the PSCS 10-16V you can make drill holes up to 25 mm in diameter in wood and up to 10 mm in metal. With a strong, 16 V lithium ion battery – with no memory-effect and no self-drain!

PSCS 10-20V Cordless drill

The Nonplusultra for professional screwing and drilling joins the Trotec top-range straight away. The PSCS 10-20V is fitted with a wide range of sophisticated equipment features and a particularly powerful quality motor for a maximum of 35 Nm of torque. With the robust 2-speed metal gearbox, its great power can be applied to any work piece in a finely set way in 25 torque steps plus a drilling stage.

The PSCS 10-20V cordless drill is a high-quality tool for demanding screwing and drilling work around the house, workshop and garage. For maximum security equipped with quickstop-overrun brake and power-on lock, which prevents the drill form accidentally being switched on, this cordless drill can work with no trouble with screws up to 10 mm in diameter and make drill holes in wood up to 30 mm and in steel up to 13 mm. With a strong, 20 V lithium ion battery – with no memory-effect and no self-drain!

Ergonomic, compact and powerful – the PSCS series of cordless drills

The PSCS series of cordless drills’ quick action drill chucks ensure quick changes of screw or drill bits. At the same time the automatic lock offers greater safety through higher tool clamping forces. All the conventional screw bits, bit holders and drills up to a shaft diameter of 10 mm are usable – and with the PSCS 10-20V even up to a shaft diameter of 13 mm.
All the cordless drills in the PSCS series are each equipped with a powerful lithium ion replaceable battery that ensures that they can be used for long periods and features neither a memory effect nor self-drain. A three-stage light display on the device provides informs the user of the current charging capacity. If the battery needs charging, it is fully charged again after just 1 hour with the rapid-charging device included in the delivery.
The hand-friendly design of our new cordless drills with optimised centre of gravity and Softgrip liners offers a secure grip for effortless uses over long periods and precise work. A bright LED light is also integrated into cordless drill for automatically illuminating the work area, so that work pieces are always in clear view, even in dark surroundings. And to check quickly whether drilling in or out is currently preselected on the device, all you need to do is take a quick look at the integrated direction of rotation display.

Best possible quality, signed and sealed

You can get our new cordless drills in TÜV-tested quality as a guarantee of high value, safety and functionality. Of course in each case, along with the individual cordless drills, the charging device has been tested and certified by us for proven safety, so that you are always on the safe side thanks to Trotec’s brand quality.

Cordless drills from the PSCS series – nothing else on the market is as good and as well-priced!

You will receive all cordless drills with two bits, a charging device and transport case included. With PSCS 10-16V and PSCS 10-20V you also receive a mountable belt clip with each included in the equipment. Also enjoy the benefits of our current pre-order discount up until delivery in CW 26: Order the

incl. VAT – now available at the Trotec shop!

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