TCH 22 E Convector – it’s back!

Our TCH 22 E Convector can heat small to medium-sized rooms in no time with a “flying start” thanks to its connectible turbo-fan. This, along with its stylish appearance, comfortable handling and unbeatable price, got around so fast that the sturdy direct heater was sold out overnight. That is: Until yesterday – because the perfect transition or auxiliary heating solution TCH 22 is now available once again!

With our TCH 22 E Convector, all you need for operation of this electric heater, independent of oil or gas prices, is a power socket. Set up, plug in, ready to go – the elegant convector is the top choice especially for rooms, conservatories and basements with no connection to central heating. In addition, the TCH 22 E has a connectible turbo-fan to speed up air circulation – ideal for quickly heating cool rooms or for ventilation purposes.

Convection heater – what is it exactly?

Convection heaters, from the Latin convectum, meaning ‘transported’, transfer heat to the ambient air via convection. The Trotec TCH 22 E Convector thus heats the cold inflowing air via electrically heated wires. The now warmer air rises, creating a natural suction effect, which draws the cold air into the unit. So it leads to a steady cycle and natural air circulation in the room – spreading the pleasant heat evenly throughout.

This is how it works

  • The TCH 22 E Convector has three heat settings, 750 W, 1,250 W and 2,000 W, with which you can warm up the room quietly and odourlessly. The turbo-fan thereby ensures fast air circulation, so that you can be warm in no time at all.
  • Using the thermal control, you can continuously adjust your desired thermal output, which is then maintained by hygrostat. As soon as the pre-set temperature is reached, the TCH 22 E automatically switches off – and back on again when the temperature falls. In addition, the unit is equipped with a timer, so you can conveniently program individual heating periods of 15 minutes up to 24 hours.
  • Thanks to the thermal control, you can also use the TCH 22 as a frost guard. The heater is then automatically activated by thermostat, to keep rooms free from frost or to avoid excessive drops in temperature. An integrated overheating protection guarantees safe usage, as the electric heater turns off automatically as soon as it overheats.
  • For stable positioning, the convector is fitted with large adjustable feet. Using two integrated suspension brackets on the back of the device, you can also easily use the electric heater as a wall unit. Due to its low weight and carrying handles, the device can be easily transported from one location to another.

TCH 22 E convector – with turbo-fan for faster warmth

Make sure you snap one up before others beat you to it: Order the TCH 22 E convector today at our current offer price, reduced from £39.63 to just £21.99 € incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!

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