TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier – finally back in stock!

Moist and damp rooms cause two problems: excessive humidity and unhealthy breathing air. This is where the TTK 110 HEPA comes in, with its unique combination of dehumidification and purification – and it’s now available again! This refreshing all-rounder dries out damp rooms and noticeably improves the air thanks to its HEPA filter function: Within 8 hours, this device clears the air of harmful viruses, bacteria and pollution.

One device, two solutions and many reasons to choose the TTK 110 HEPA. Three dehumidification programmes, with a maximum dehumidification performance of up to 40 litres per day, serve almost all dehumidification purposes in private living spaces and offices with an area of up to 120 m². The TTK 110 HEPA also offers a wide-ranging performance in its second functionality as a fully functional air purifier. The integrated HEPA particulate filter absorbs even the smallest microparticles, up to 0.02 micrometres in size, with 99.97% effectiveness – viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance!

The benefits for you at a glance – the TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier

  • always performs as powerfully as the task at hand requires – with three different dehumidification programmes, you can flexibly handle any scenario:
  1. Automatic dehumidification: Ideally suited for continuous use in the kitchen and bathroom. The required humidity can be adjusted in 5% increments from 40% to 70%. When the target value is reached, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.
  2. Powerful dehumidification: The maximum dehumidification performance during uninterrupted continuous use creates a constant low level of humidity. The perfect drying solution for water damage, renovation work and for drying applications in construction.
  3. Laundry drying function: Effective support in quickly drying wet textiles such as rugs or clothes.
  • possesses all the sophisticated features of its class as a comfort dehumidifier. This includes the digital control panel with humidity display and the swing function for adjusting the air flow direction of the two-level fan.
  • operates at an extremely low noise level in dehumidification mode – and in night mode it’s as quiet as a whisper! With overflow protection with automatic shut-off and visual signalling, you’re on the safe side when the 6-litre water container reaches its maximum capacity. Thanks to intelligent timer and automatic shut-off functions, the device saves on unnecessary energy costs, and unsupervised permanent operation is also possible as the device is equipped with a drainage connection.
  • is an impressive fully functioning air purifier. Activated charcoal or HEPA filters are used in the device to clear the air of different pollutants. The TTK 110 HEPA is equipped with a highly efficient True HEPA Filter to eliminate viruses and bacteria, and an activated charcoal filter is available as an optional accessory for removing organic allergens like pollen or unpleasant odours.
  • guarantees secure filtering of 99.7% of all airborne contaminants up to 0.3 micrometres in size and clears the air of harmful viruses, bacteria and pollutants within 8 hours with its active True HEPA Filter combination.

TTK 110 HEPA All-Rounder – fresh air in dry rooms!

Order the TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier at our current offer price, reduced from £373.27 to just £279.95 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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