Trotec tips to beat the heat – the TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S fans

Tip of the day: “Wear functional underwear!” Instead of your usual cotton shirt, put on a functional underwear shirt, as this material transports moisture and heat outward. With cotton, sweat stays between the fibres, developing an unpleasantly moist feeling. In addition, stay within the range of our TVE 15 S or TVE 17 S fans and you’ll enjoy a cool day – no matter how hot and humid it is outside!

The advantage of the fans, structurally identical except for the colour: They have their own supporting leg, which means they don’t take up space on the desk or a side table, and can thus be used more flexibly. With their 40 watt power, they provide a proper wind and therefore continuous refreshment, but at the same time cool at an unbeatable price – for example compared to mobile air conditioning units.

Beat the heat – thanks to these benefits

  • The winning formula of our two structurally identical wind makers TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S is: strong cooling performance with low energy consumption and therefore low operational costs – with 40 watts of power each, they cut a fine figure in larger living and business rooms as well.
  • With three speed levels, the fans easily ensure that you keep a cool head even when temperatures are escalating: Speed level 1 provides pleasant refreshment with a comfortably cooling breeze. Speed level 2 provides a powerful cooling with temperatures escalating by 30 degrees or more. And speed level 3 allows you to dispel hot and oppressive air right out through the open window in a short amount of time.
  • The automatic 80° oscillation, which causes horizontal swivelling of the air stream, further increases the effective area of the fans and widely distributes the air stream in the room. For optimal adaptation to the respective location, the fan head can also be inclined by up to 30° – and the wind will blow in the right direction for you.
  • The infinitely variable height adjustability from 105 to 122 cm makes the pedestal fans, which can be used in nearly any location, all-rounders among ventilation devices.
  • Both wind makers impress due to their combination of perfectly calibrated fan blades and stable pedestal for the greatest possible running smoothness, thus creatingonly a very gently background noise – therefore the best recommendation for sleep-promoting cooling even in noise-sensitive bedrooms.
  • Of course the fans comply with the strictest safety regulations: their star-shaped pedestals provide stable and topple-resistant positioning, the trifoliate fan blades have a removable and easy-to-clean metal protective grille front and back and the overheating protection ensures safe operation even at the highest temperatures.

TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S pedestal fans – at an unbeatable price!

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