Trotec tips to beat the heat – the new TVE 1 USB fans

The tip of the day: “Set up mini pools in your office!” Fill a bowl or a bucket with cold water and put your feet in it under the desk. Pure relaxation and it’s suddenly a lot more pleasant, isn’t it? The same goes for our new, on-trend TVE 1 USB fans: If the heat is still oppressive in the room, the mini fans quickly provide you with refreshing cooling with power from the USB port on the PC, notebook computer or the power bank.

Of course the TVE 1 fan can be used not just at your PC workstation, but also by the pool or at a picnic: wherever the air is burning hot and where a USB port is nearby, the fan provides you with a fresh breeze with 2.5 watts of power.

Beat the heat – thanks to these benefits

  • The TVE 1 fan draws its power from the USB port of your PC, notebook computer or your power bank and uses the USB standard 2.0 – compatible from version 1.1 to 3.0!
  • Despite its high air throughput, the fan is so quiet that it won’t disturb you.
  • Thanks to the fan’s adjustable tilted head that can be rotated 360°, the air flow can be conveniently adapted to your needs.
  • The on and off switch on the device makes constant plugging in and unplugging of the device unnecessary. Additional software is also not necessary for operating the fan.

Cool colour range including…

TVE 1B USB fan in Atlantic Blue

TVE 1L USB fan in Lemon Green

TVE 1G USB fan in Light Grey

TVE 1D USB fan in Piano Black

TVE 1O USB fan in Pumpkin Orange

TVE 1P USB fan in Raspberry Pink

TVE 1W USB fan in Snow White

TVE 1Y USB fan in Sunny Yellow

TVE 1 USB fan – the ‘must-have’ of this summer!

Order the TVE 1 USB fan in a trendy colour of your choice today at our current offer price reduced from £9.17 to just £6.44 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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