NEW TVE 30 T tower fan – finally available!

Checkmate the heat – the new TVE 30 T tower fan and its innovative technology make this an easy task. The compact unit generates maximum wind with minimal dimensions, combining high air flow with attractive design. Because the tower fan provides a cooling effect on the skin from below table height, flying desk papers are a thing of the past. Best of all – the new cooling specialist is available immediately …

Due to its slim construction, the TVE 30 T fits in in nearly any business or living environment, and inconspicuously, but perceptibly, provides a fresh breeze and cool air. Unlike conventional fans with rotor blades, the functional principle of this tower fan is based on an axis revolving around itself. The cooling effect is generated in a space-saving manner by means of a rotating lamella construction inside the device and the air is discharged along the entire height of the device – but always beneath normal table height.

How it works

The air blowing speed of the tower fan can be controlled in three speed levels, depending on room temperature and desired wind strength. The tangential fan used here generates sufficient cooling even on the lowest setting, and is delightfully quiet. Thanks to its low noise generation, you can even use the device in bedrooms without disturbing a restful night’s sleep. The disengageable automatic 80° oscillation – the automatic pivoting of the air flow – ensures optimum ventilation of the room. While the oscillation automatically adjusts to the selected speed setting, you set the other fan parameters on the top of the unit.

The TVE 30 T impresses with its easy operation, mobile use and low-maintenance operation. The unit is delivered assembled and ready-to-use, whereby the round pedestal enables stability and quiet running of the fan. And since the TVE 30 T has no rotor blades, the associated risk of accidents, which is an important aspect, is eliminated in households with children and pets. The carrying handle embedded in the unit allows the location of use to be changed easily and flexibly.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 45 Watt power output
  • the modern, space-saving pillar design
  • the low operating costs
  • the 3 speed levels

TVE 30 tower fan – quiet, mobile, cool. And super affordable!

Order the TVE 30 T tower fan today at our current offer price, reduced from £46.23 to just £23.10 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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