Tracking wildlife


Weatherproof clothing, binoculars and lots of patience are all essential when you are tracking wildlife. Whatever your reasons for being out in the woods or field, whether you’re hunting, game keeping or collecting data – now you can effectively upgrade your equipment, so that you don’t have to wait long for success. Always take your thermal imaging camera with you. You will be able to detect wildlife even when visibility is poor or in complete darkness. Trotec can prove it to you with the thermal imaging camera IC080LV.

Tracking wildlife

Anyone who has ever taken part on a wildlife watch knows how fascinating experiencing nature up close can be. It’s dawn, the morning mist hangs over the fields and clearings and you are on the trail of a wild animal. You can observe how nature and wildlife wake after the darkness of the night. Documentary film makers, hunters, and gamekeepers taking care of wildlife or pursuing their hobby are at one with nature. Are you one of them? Fantastic! Then you know how thrilling such experiences are. But you don’t always have the time to wait for ages to get to see wildlife up close. Animals are very clever. They usually take cover in thick undergrowth and protect themselves by using the cover of darkness to move around. Furthermore, more often than not, the colours of their fur help them to blend into their environment making them difficult to see even in daylight. You have to have patience, or be able to rely on support from Trotec. The powerful thermal imaging cameras give you a much better chance of a sighting.

Your eagle eye – Trotec’s IC080 LV

Groups or individual animals that have strayed in hay meadows and taken cover; with the thermal imaging camera IC080LV you can see each individual animal. Thanks to their high body temperature animals are easily detected and the thermal imaging camera sends you detailed images of them. The camera is made to professional standards and offers you practical advantages that are not to be sniffed at: easy to use, accurate and robust  – and at a very reasonable price.

Use in woods or fields

Whether you use it in a raised hide in the wood or at the edge of a field, or on a stroll in the countryside, the thermal imaging camera IC080LV is the ideal companion in all circumstances. The innovative camera guarantees you high-resolution thermal images even in adverse conditions thanks to a geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infrared sensor with over 110,000 autarkic temperature measuring points. Its adjustable 3.5” LCD colour display makes it easy to operate. For professional wildlife-documentary makers and to aid in accurately locating wildlife, the camera includes features such as a built-in digital camera for real images and a camera light. Even the slightest changes in temperature are captured in real time and give a clear indication as to the animal’s whereabouts. For an extra-detailed image of the animal’s movements you can use the DuoVision feature to superimpose real and infrared images – and that comes as one of the standard features! Of course, DuoVision images can be stored so that after the hunt or wildlife filming is over no detail will be missed.
Another plus point is that every recording or wildlife sighting can be enhanced: you can comment on the pictures , or add voice comments to the thermal images using the headset.

The advantages of the IC080LV at a glance

  • Very high geometric resolution
  • Powerful image sensor
  • Made in the EU for top quality
  • Inbuilt digital camera for real images
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Optional Bluetooth connection for wireless voice comments via the headset
  • Integrated memory card slot for high storage capacities

The IC080LV doesn’t only offer precision, it is also extremely robust. The super resistant rubber protective case offers the camera the best protection at all times. It protects the device from falls, knocks, in extreme humidity e.g. in thick fog or rain, and from high levels of dust.

Your thermal imaging camera is just a few clicks away

Your new infrared camera IC080LV is available now in the Trotec Online Shop  – currently on special offer at a very low price. The high quality camera is available for £3,096.20 instead of £5,259.78.


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