NEW cordless screwdrivers from the PSCS series – available now!


Brilliant, they are finally here! The innovative PSCS 10-3.6V and 11-3.6V cordless screwdrivers will be indispensable helpers for almost all work to be performed in the household, workshop, garage and garden. Because Trotec offers the alternative between good and expensive or as long as it is cheap: With both cordless screwdrivers from the PSCS series you get good products and good design at a good price. Best of all – order by the end of CW 28 and you will still enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount!

Both new cordless screwdrivers are each equipped with a powerful, memory effect-free lithium-ion battery. As these batteries hardly ever discharge themselves when not in use, long jobs as well as immediate readiness are therefore guaranteed even after prolonged downtimes. The three-stage illuminated display shows you the current battery charge status according to the traffic light principle. Both cordless screwdrivers are also equipped with an integrated LED light – so that you can work safely even in low light or in dark conditions. And thanks to the integrated rotation indicator, you can immediately check whether clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation is currently selected on the devices. Now that the similarities have been concluded, here are the differences: You decide which of our new cordless screwdrivers is the right one for you…

PSCS 10-3.6V cordless screwdriver – the flexible baton screwdriver

Thanks to its rotatable 90° handle, this cordless screwdriver can be used flexibly in a pistol or baton position. This ensures that you are well positioned even in hard to reach work areas. Wherever the rigid pistol grip of the standard cordless screwdriver made continuing to work more difficult up until now, or even prevented it, you can now easily set the PSCS 10-3.6V handle to the baton position and carry on working! The electric screwdriver’s torque can be finely adjusted to six different levels for optimum power transmission. One drill level is also available for simple drilling tasks. A 26-piece professional bit set plus a magnetic bit holder is already included and provides a professional finishing touch to its maximum versatility.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like about the PSCS 10-3.6V:

  • its strong, 3.6 V lithium-ion battery – with no memory effect and no self-drain
  • its 2-in-1 function: With a 90° rotating handle for flexible use as a screwdriver in hard to reach places
  • the 6-stage torque preselection plus one drill setting
  • the bit holder with mechanical interlock

The PSCS 11-3.6V cordless screwdriver – the reloadable bit cylinder screwdriver

You can immediately get to work without the hassle of searching for the right bit – because this is already ready for use in the integrated 6-bit magazine. The cordless screwdriver shaft is unlocked at the touch of a button and the drum released to be rotated for the required bit, which can be viewed through the magnifying viewing window. The bit is now loaded from behind and held firmly in position by a magnetic socket. The magazine is already equipped with the six most commonly used bits. However, you can, of course, also equip the magazine with your own choice of bits – for example, the quality bits from the optional 32-piece accessory bit set from Trotec.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like about the PSCS 11-3.6V:

  • its strong, 3.6 V lithium-ion battery – with no memory effect and no self-drain
  • its integrated bit cylinder – already equipped with the six main screw bits
  • its magnetic hex bit holder
  • its intuitive and easy-to-use selector function to conveniently change different bits

The cordless screwdrivers from the PSCS series: Both good. Both cheap. Both Trotec!

Decide on which cordless screwdriver you prefer and still enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount up until the end of CW 28: Order the

incl. VAT – now available at the Trotec shop!

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