Tracking wildlife


Our forests come alive particularly at night. Wild animals become active under the cover of the dusk and night. This is the best opportunity to track them, watch them, study their behaviour and document their appearance. Hunters, gamekeepers and documentarians know this. But it is pretty tedious to stay put in hiding to detect shy animals when visibility conditions are poor. Wild animals find plenty of opportunities to hide and disguise themselves even during the day. Trotec helps hunters, gamekeepers and film makers track animals – when it’s dark as well as during the day. The IC series thermal imaging cameras detect even the smallest thermal differences and provide information on the location of the animals with precise images. It can be that easy.

It is definitely a time-consuming endeavour which also requires a lot of patience: animal watching. Whether it is a matter of tracking wildlife in native forests or exotic animals in foreign flora. In doing so, hunters, gamekeepers and documentarians or hobby researchers must be on their toes and above all take to the hunt at night. Because when it’s dark, they often discover animals which they rarely or never catch sight of during the day. Either the animals only come out at night, or their fur coats are very camouflaged with the environment, and they additionally tend to reside in thickets and in the protection of dense forests. Hours of sitting in hiding, which requires a lot of time and patience, is no rarity here. You know this. Even if you enjoy it and it gives you a thrill, you would certainly be happy if technology could lend your project a helping hand every now and again.

Uncovering thermal differences

To increase the chances of successful animal-tracking in the wild, hunters and documentarians worldwide fall back on thermal imaging cameras. Because these devices expose thermal differences quickly and clearly – in absolute darkness as well as during the day. However, until now infra-red cameras were relatively expensive and hardly affordable for animal watchers and hunters. Trotec put IC series infra-red cameras on the market, which are highly professional while going easy on your wallet. For example, the IC080LV thermal imaging camera exposes even the smallest thermal difference with precise images. The camouflage of wild animals given to them by nature doesn’t stand a chance against it.

Use in woods or fields

The heat that radiates from the bodies of animals can be seen quickly and clearly on the camera display. The innovative IC080LV infra-red camera provides high-resolution thermal images even in adverse conditions. Professionals appreciate the power of the model: The IC080LV features a geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infra-red sensor with more than 110,000 independent temperature measuring points. Its adjustable 3.5” LCD colour display makes it easy to operate. For professional animal documentaries and for accurately locating wildlife, the camera includes features such as an integrated digital camera for real images and a photo lamp. And what’s more: You can even record voice messages with a headset!

Robust and easy to handle

Along with a magnifying glass, your animal-watching equipment should henceforth always include a thermal imaging camera. The IC080LV is particularly suitable for exciting days spent in nature. It is robust and easy to handle, making it the ideal companion when hiding out in the woods or patrolling a field. The super resistant rubber protective case offers the camera the best protection at all times. It protects the device from falls, knocks, in extreme humidity e.g. in thick fog or rain, and from high levels of dust.
As a special advantage for your animal documentation, the DuoVision function is superimposed in infra-red and real images. These images can of course be saved so that not one detail is missing in the follow-up of a hunt or for the documentation of wildlife.

The advantages at a glance

  • Very high geometric resolution
  • Powerful image sensor
  • Made in the EU for top quality
  • Inbuilt digital camera for real images
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Optional Bluetooth connection for wireless voice comments via the headset
  • Integrated memory card slot for high storage capacities

Order quickly and easily online

Trotec has thermal imaging cameras in various performance classes at the ready for you in the online shop. It pays off to buy now. For example, there is the IC080LV infra-red camera for £2,660.90 rather than £5,272.26. You are getting nearly half off! Take a look today, you will find intriguing offers for the other models as well. We look forward to seeing you there.

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