NEW pH meter BW10 – precisely determines acidic to alkaline solutions


Since acidic water is no laughing matter either for humans or fish, Trotec has developed the new BW10 meter for checking pH levels. Compact and handy, the measuring instrument is suitable for private swimming pool owners and aspiring aquarium owners alike. The BW10 is also a reliable partner in the professional sector, for example for measuring the pH levels during quality inspections in the food and beverage industry.

For owners of public or private swimming pools as well as wildlife ponds, this measuring instrument is an indispensable tool for monitoring and maintaining the correct pH level. Two real-life examples make the relevance of the new BW10 pH meter immediately clear.

  • If the water in the swimming pool is too acidic or too alkaline, bathers will complain of stinging eyes and itching before too long. An unfavourable pH level also has an impact on the durability of the materials used in the pool, since the process of corrosion and the decomposition of calciferous materials begins much quicker – and the effectiveness of the added disinfectant is restricted.
  • Wildlife ponds are usually in a state of natural equilibrium. However, the impact of rain or filling the pond with tap water may cause the pH level to become acidic (pH < 7) or alkaline (pH > 7). Regular checking of the pH level prevents nasty surprises, since the tolerance range for fish is between pH 6.5 and 8.5. For this reason the optimum pH level of the pond water should be around pH 7 (neutral) with as little fluctuation as possible.

This is how it works

The new BW10 pH meter makes it possible for you to precisely determine the pH level between 0 and 14 thanks to the automatic temperature compensation and the use of auto-calibration in the temperature measurement range of 0 to 50 °C. The meter has a factory-preset 3-point calibration, which you can also perform at any time later in a few simple steps using the pH buffer solution set provided.

You can find the test result in the clear two-line display. The calculated pH level is shown (precisely to two decimal places) together with the water temperature. You do not need a separate thermometer.

The BW10 pH meter is also equipped with various practically optimised features. For example, it has an easily exchangeable pH electrode, whereby the electrode and the water temperature sensor are protected from damage by a removable protective cap. The convenient Hold function stores the last measured value and an automatic shut-off reduces the power consumption of the four button batteries already included in the scope of supply.

BW10 pH meter – for monitoring and maintaining the correct pH level

You should never compromise on water quality: That’s why the BW10 pH meter is available from CW 39 for just £80.36 incl. VAT. – now available in the Trotec shop!

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