NEW 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set – available at last!


They’re here! Everyone who has already ordered the 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set should get their drills ready – because we’re starting deliveries today. Then you will have all the spiral drills you need for drilling into a great variety of metals and hard plastics or acrylic glass. For all those who are only just learning of this new super attractive offer, please stay calm: there are enough sets in stock! This means …

… not for all eternity of course! The “first come, first serve” principle applies here as well. But first quickly learn about the advantages of our new 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set in Trotec brand quality – and why professionals choose it without hesitation:

  • the HSS metal drill bit set contains all standard drill sizes in increments from 1.5 to 10 mm diameter – there are even several for sizes up to 2.5 mm. Thanks to the straight shank, they can be used with all standard drills and cordless drills.
  • With their spiral drills, they can work with a great variety of metals, hard plastics and acrylic glass and for example drill into alloyed and unalloyed steel, iron, copper, zinc sheet, grey cast iron and bronze.
  • The double-edged, clockwise-rotating drill bit tips of these two-spiral metal drill bits is made from HSS steel, i.e. ‘high speed steel’, with a titanium nitride coating; it has a maximum hardness grade of 67 HRC and is manufactured with a 135-degree cross-hatch according to the standard DIN 1412C.
  • These durable, professional drill bits are optimally suited for working with especially hard materials, and enable drilling and blind hole depths of up to five times the drill diameter.
  • The complete set comes in a sturdy plastic case, meaning that it can be safely transported or hung onto a pegboard. Thanks to the tilting bracket the bits are particularly easy to remove from the case. The measurement of each bit is engraved onto its shank so it is easy to identify even after repeated use.

15 piece HSS metal drill bit set in Trotec brand quality – it pays to act fast!

Take advantage of our current offer: Order the new 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set today, for just £8.83 instead of £17.71 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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