Today is the “European Day of Languages”

European Day of Languages

To preserve the rich heritage of 200 European languages, the European Day of Languages is celebrated annually at 26th September on the initiative of the Council of Europe. As part of this day of action the Council of Europe, together with the EU, supports initiatives, campaigns and events concerning language learning. Trotec supports this great idea with pleasure – every day and especially today!

Based on the conviction that linguistic diversity contributes to a better understanding between cultures – and because this diversity is one of the central elements of the cultural heritage of our continent – the Council of Europe wants to promote multilingualism throughout Europe. In this spirit, Europe’s 800 million citizens, who are represented by the 47 member states in the Council of Europe, are encouraged to learn more languages throughout their lives, whatever their age, inside or outside of the classroom!

Moving towards a multilingual future!

This approach is fully shared by Rainer Rausch, Member of the executive board at Trotec, and not only in terms of his company: “In an ever-more interconnected Europe, the key to the future economic success, especially for medium-sized companies, is in the variety of language skills.” Because multilingualism at all process levels supports the sustainability of our business activities in a wide variety of European countries. And because our employees come from many different European countries, the diverse range of language skills these various native speakers possess promotes a feel-good working environment – which goes beyond just putting the air conditioning on.

Our employees do not only work together day by day cross-departmental, but also cross-border and cross-language: at Trotec numerous native speakers assist our customers in Europe and all around the world. They do this in English, French, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Italian, Turkish and Dutch. And of course our online shop is also translated into multiple languages. As you can see, we have systematically implemented the Council of Europe’s initiative to promote multilingualism in Europe in our company. Moreover, our catalogues are now even available in Chinese – but of course, that is a different story, and indeed, not a European one…

Are you a multilingual talent?

Then get in touch with us! Because at Trotec we are always on the lookout for talent, whether you are multilingual or multitalented– youre very welcome! Just call us on +49 2452 962-210 or send us your unsolicited application. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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