Tips for your garden from Trotec – temperature control when barbecuing and cooking

Barbecuing belongs to the garden as much as a sausage does in a bread roll. It is definitely the case that most garden enthusiasts took advantage of last week’s great weather and already opened the sizzle season. As lovely as this is, you want to be able to leave the barbecue to itself from time to time in order to, for example, get yourself a refreshing drink or have a chat with friends. This is possible without missing when the food is correctly done – thanks to our new BT40 barbecue thermometer.

The wireless BT40 barbecue thermometer is a must-have for ambitious grill masters. This way you can devote all your attention to your guests and friends and, at the same time, spoil them with perfectly prepared meat and fish dishes – without having to stand at the grill or stove all the time. The easy-to-handle BT40 can be flexibly used for grills, stoves or ovens: as soon as you insert the stainless steel measuring tip in the food to be cooked, the base station connected to the temperature measuring probe starts to transmit the current temperature at short regular intervals to the mobile hand-held receiver. The receiver indicates that the desired cooking level has been reached by means of an acoustic signal and a colour change on the display.

20 metre radio range for 8 types of food with 5 cooking levels

Best of all, you can safely leave virtually all food to cook by itself thanks to the radio range of up to 20 m – you will especially appreciate this feature with outdoor BBQs because it saves you all those unnecessary trips to the BBQ to check on the meat. With our new BT40 barbecue thermometer you can cook all meat dishes effortlessly and to the point of perfection at your next barbecue party!

The facts speak for pure enjoyment and for the BT40 barbecue thermometer: whether beef, lamb, veal, hamburgers, pork, fish, turkey or chicken – for preparation purposes, eight different types of food can be preselected on the receiver with up to five cooking levels ranging from rare to well done. The respectively preset target temperatures can be modified as desired. The BT40 measuring probe and cable are both made of stainless steel and are suitable for temperatures up to 200°C. A stopwatch and timer function completes the barbeque thermometer’s features.

BT 40 barbecue thermometer – always keep on top of when food is correctly done!

You can purchase the  BT40 barbecue thermometer at our current offer price of only £13.67 instead of £27.41, incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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