Tips for your garden from Trotec –sabre saw work on shrubs, hedges and branches

Those who want to design their garden according to their own ideas in due course in the spring – this means getting stuck into hedges, shrubs and smaller trees – would be well-advised to bring a universal solution into their home: the sabre saw. With a high-quality sabre saw such as the PRCS 10‑850 from Trotec, virtually all sawing tasks around the home and garden can be mastered quickly and safely. And thanks to a unique user-friendly solution, overhead sawing is even easy.

Uniquely user-friendly – this refers to the versatile adjustability of the handle and saw blade of the PRCS 10‑850. Thanks to this ingenious construction, the saw blade can be adjusted to virtually any desired position. This is because, on the one hand, the saw head can snap into place in three different positions adjustable by 90° each: simply unlock and rotate it to the desired working position, and then snap it securely back into place. On the other hand, when the bow handle has been rotated, the saw blade cam additionally be turned by 180° as required. In this way, cutting material in poorly accessible locations can be reached and sawing can take place. This is an extremely useful function in the garden, for example when cutting back branches as well as cutting them into small pieces, and this is also the case for expansion and reconstruction work in the house.

Powerful, convenient, versatile – in other words, brand quality from Trotec

In addition, the PRCS 10‑850 Trotec sabre saw of course also impresses with its 850 watt motor which makes powerful cuts possible with a 28 mm deep pendulum stroke. The powerful pendulum lift can be regulated by increasing the pressure applied to the start button: light pressure results in low power; pushed all the way results in full power! Furthermore, the sabre saw is provided with a stroke rate limiter for material-compatible work. This is easily accessible through being directly integrated in the start button as a setting wheel. And by using the switch lock you can set the saw to continuous operation with ease.

With an inclination angle of up to 30°, the flexible guide shoe of this sabre saw can be adjusted to the workpiece surface. You can also adjust it to the desired length tool-free in order to limit the length of the cut. Saw blade changes can be carried out in seconds and without the need for additional tools thanks to the quick chuck. So that you are optimally prepared for all application purposes right from the start, you already receive four different quality saw blades for specific wood and metal work in the standard scope of delivery of the PRCS 10‑850.  This because the PRCS 10‑850 is suited for sawing all common building materials when combined with the appropriate saw blade. Not only wood, but also plastic, composite materials or metal can be cut up without difficulty to, for example, cut pipes to length or cut off protruding objects flush directly on the wall, for example water pipes.

Safety comes first –  no compromises

The PRCS 10-850 also makes no half-hearted compromises when it comes to safety: by using the control handle, which is built into the strap design, and the non-slip rubberised front shank with a hand protection cap, you can control the sabre saw with both hands at any time. The optimum weight-to-size ratio ensures the best possible handling, while the integrated LED work light means that even poorly lit areas are illuminated. Saw blade changes can be carried out in seconds and without the need for additional tools thanks to the quick chuck.

PRCS 10-850 sabre saw – TÜV-certified brand quality!

The PRCS 10-850 is delivered in a carrying case ready for use in TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee for high value, safety and functionality, including two HCS wood saw blades with 10 TPI, one HCS wood saw blade with 4 TPI and one BIM metal saw blade with 18 TPI.

You can purchase the PRCS 10-850 sabre saw at our current offer price of only £36.78 instead of £55.18, incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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