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Relaxing on your well-kept home terrace with a view into the greenery is probably one of the greatest after-work and weekend delights. The enjoyment grows the longer we are surrounded by pleasant warmth there – even if the sun is still not radiating fully. When it completely leaves us in the evening, it even gets quite cold outside. Trotec has therefore launched an extensive infrared radiant heater range for your terrace – because the time on it is a small everyday holiday.

Modern infrared radiant heaters such as the models from Trotec produce direct warmth immediately upon switch-on via infrared radiation following the natural principle of the sun. Unlike when using conventional heating devices, the infrared rays do not heat the room air but solid materials and objects they are directed at – such as walls, the floor or the ceiling. These store the heat for a longer period than air and then release it to the room in form of secondary radiation. Infrared radiation immediately generates a pleasant feeling of warmth on the skin, for example.

Since infrared radiant heaters convert a majority of the energy used directly into heat, they are particularly energy-efficient compared to, for example, hot air fans. The intense heat is produced when it is needed and without the need for preheating – a clean way of heating without causing noises, smells or dust circulation, and is hence also suitable for allergy sufferers. The infrared radiant heaters are ideally suited for use in the transition period between seasons or as a standby heating solution on covered terraces. Given that the devices are suited for attaching to telescopic stands, they can be set up in the garden and heat up a table there as a mobile solution – provided that there is an extension cable and flat ground.

Infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S series

Trotec has just the right infrared radiant heater for every requirement – such as the practical heating all-rounders of the IR-S series. Depending on the requirements, these come with different heating capacities and a varying splash protection (IP protection class), while the devices are also suited for mounting to walls or ceilings as well as attaching to telescopic stands – which makes them ideal as mobile pedestal devices in the garden as well as in the catering trade.

Whether they are used in bathrooms, in spa areas, over baby changing tables, at workbenches, in hobby cellars, in conservatories, underneath parasols or awnings, on terraces, in the catering trade, or in marquees or halls – the infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S series make a good impression everywhere.

Infrared radiant heaters of the IR series

The radiant heaters of the IR series use the new low-glare short-wave technology. Thanks to this innovation, the bright red light, which is frequently perceived as disturbing, is significantly reduced by up to 80 % – while one hundred per cent of the heat intensity is maintained during the long lifetime of up to 5,000 hours. For the high-quality low-glare short-wave infrared tube generates a larger proportion of infrared light in the invisible light spectrum and additionally focusses the rays thanks to an innovative coating procedure, which also reduces the scattering loss. The greatly reduced light radiation only affects the existing lighting concepts very little – in fact, the infrared heat even provides a pleasant candlelight atmosphere.

No matter where the radiant heaters of the IR series are put into operation – they remain tightly sealed. This is promised by their robust construction with IP65 protection: no water, moisture or dust can enter their housing. The radiant heaters even withstand water jets from all sides without any damage. The IR 2010 and the IR 2050 are ideally suited for uncovered balconies and terraces since they are able to endure occasional showers with ease. At the same time, they can be optimally used wherever and whenever warmth is needed: in bathrooms, in spa areas, over baby changing tables, at workbenches, in hobby cellars, in conservatories, underneath parasols or awnings, on uncovered terraces, in the catering trade, or in marquees and halls.

Dark radiant heaters of the IRD series

The dark radiant heaters of the IRD series represent the completion of infrared radiant heater technology in the technical sense and work without emitting a visible portion of light. Instead of a tube, dark radiant heaters are equipped with a stainless steel heating coil enclosed in aluminium. Most of the radiation energy emitted lies in the middle and long-wave infrared spectrum. Dark heaters are the preferred heating method where warmth is needed and the person would like to avoid the emission of light. Dark radiant heaters are also maintenance-free, since lamps do not need to be replaced.

The individual models, which are each made from anodised aluminium, are suited for use both in the catering trade and in a sophisticated private environment. The design of the devices stands out due to its pure and minimalistic elegance. The elongated shape is as smart as it is ingenious, with the result being that the radiant heater is extremely neutral and can be inconspicuously mounted on a wide variety of ceilings and walls. Infrared dark radiant heaters are ideally suited for wind-protected areas such as terraces, balconies and the outdoor areas of the catering trade. This is also the case for indoor areas such as indoor swimming pools, tents, conservatories and rooms that are only partially used.

Choose ‘your’ infrared radiant heater – in Trotec brand quality

Inform yourself about our extensive range of infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S and IR series as well as the dark radiant heaters of the IRD series and benefit from our current low-priced offers.

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