Tips for your garden from Trotec – inflation of air mattresses and the like made easy

Before you treat yourself to a well-deserved rest, it is usually the case that you first have to pump up balls and bicycle tyres or, even worse, air mattresses and paddling pools, with this being arduous work. But with this practical complete set, which allows large air volumes to be added or pumped out at high pressure, inflation tasks already constitute one part of the enjoyment: the PCPS 10‑16 V cordless compressor and PCPS 11‑16V cordless air pump from Trotec – reliable aids should you ever run out of steam.

With the cordless compressor and the cordless air pump you have a strong duo on your side: If the air pressure in vehicle tyres such as cars, bicycles, city scooters or motorcycles is running low, or if, for example, footballs, basketballs or handballs need new air, grab the powerful PCPS 10‑16V cordless compressor. On the other hand, the PCPS 11‑16V cordless air pump with its high air flow rate should be used for everything where large volumes have to be filled – this includes, for example, paddling pools and inflatable dinghies as well as air mattresses and blow-up beds.

These two tools combined are the ideal solution for practically all inflation applications. Furthermore, they have other benefits in common: the devices come equipped with an integrated LED work light, meaning valve connections, for example, remain clearly visible, even at dusk.  And best of all: both devices can be used with one and the same battery, thus saving on costs. With a charging capacity of 2 Ah, the supplied Flexpower multi-device battery is optimally equipped for long pumping applications and, moreover, can be combined with other power tools from Trotec.

PCPS 10‑16V cordless compressor – works best under pressure

Owing to its high performance of max. 7 bar, the PCPS 10‑16V cordless compressor is the perfect solution for all inflation operations requiring high air pressure. It’s that easy: you connect the cordless compressor to tyres, toys or sports equipment. You use the preselection function to set the desired filling pressure indicated on the LCD display in either bar or psi and activate the compressor, resulting in quick and convenient inflation. The inflation process stops automatically when the preselected pressure value has been reached.

The 10-piece accessory kit for the PCPS 10‑16V, which is particularly easy to connect, contains adapters for all common valve types. Integrated on both sides of the cordless compressor’s housing are holding fixtures so that a compressed-air hose and valve adapters can be carried directly on the device and easily accessed.

PCPS 11‑16V – likes to pump things for you

With its high air flow rate of max. 45 m³/h, the cordless air pump is optimally suited for all objects with a large volume. The corresponding adapters for different nozzles are included in the scope of delivery. As a practical pump with a 2-in-1 function, the PCPS 11‑16V can also just as easily be used for air removal. Through this, you really get all the air out of your inflatables in a convenient way.

Cordless compressor and cordless air pump in a set – in TÜV-certified brand quality!

The PCPS 10‑16V cordless compressor, PCPS 11‑16V cordless air pump and quick charger are supplied ready for use in TÜV-certified quality in a case as a guarantee of high quality, safety and functionality – including a replaceable Flexpower multi-device battery (16 V, 2 Ah) as well as a ten-piece accessory kit comprising three air pump nozzle attachments in various sizes, a compressed-air hose with a threaded connector, adapters for Dunlop and Sclaverand valves, a ball needle, plus one long and two short universal adapters..

You can purchase the PCPS 10‑16V cordless compressor and the PCPS 11‑16V cordless air pump in a set at our current offer price of only £46.24 instead of £69.39, incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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