NEW TTP 10 E Peltier dehumidifier – it’s finally here

Walk-in closets, food pantries, small sanitary rooms – they all share the fate of the small, windowless room: Due to their lack of ventilation, excessive humidity accumulates in the air, which brings about condensation and causes the harmful formation of mould. But with the now available TTP 10 E Peltier dehumidifier, Trotec still finds a place for an innovative solution. Even in the tightest conditions!

The extraordinarily compact new TTP 10 E dehumidifier takes up virtually no space at all, because dimensionally it is hardly larger than a shoe box. A very quiet thermoelectric Peltier element operates inside it – without a compressor and refrigerant. Thanks to the innovative thermoelectric technology, conventional elements can be omitted, which saves a great deal of space. Nevertheless the TTP 10 E effectively rids the air of excessive humidity and keeps rooms up to 10 m² reliably dry with a dehumidifying performance of 750 ml a day.

How it works

Use of the so-called Peltier element enables the technological innovation – a compact thermoelectric converter. When current is flowing through it, this causes the element side to get very hot and the other side to get very cold. The surrounding air is drawn in via a fan and led past the cold side of the Peltier element. Here, the air cools down below its dew point, its humidity condenses and drips into a collection tank. The dry air is then led past the hot element side, where it absorbs its heat and flows back into the room as warm, dry air.

In addition, the TTP 10 E also scores points with an integrated fill level warning light, which issues a warning when the tank is full, and an overfill protection with automatic switch-off, which prevents the 2-litre capacity water tank from overflowing. Thanks to its air cleaning function, the TTP 10 E filters animal hair, fluff and dust out of the air – the reusable air filter is also removable and easy to clean. The air dehumidifier’s operation is optimised in terms of energy-efficiency and, thanks to the Peltier element, it is also very quiet, meaning that it never disturbs you while you’re sleeping. A carry handle makes it easier to transport or move to another place. In dehumidification operation, the TTP 10 E impresses with its simple handling: Plug it in, turn it on and voilà!

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • Keeps rooms that are difficult to ventilate dry, such as walk-in wardrobes, windowless bathrooms or pantries
  • High flexibility thanks to extra small design
  • The modern thermoelectric Peltier element (without compressor and refrigerant)
  • The air cleaning function – filters animal hair, fluff and dust

TTP 10 E Peltier dehumidifier – innovative Trotec brand quality at a low price

Order the new TTP 10 E Peltier dehumidifier today at our current offer price, reduced from €99.95 to just €44.95 incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec-Shop!

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