Tips for your garden from Trotec – garden shed and garden fence jigsaw work

The 2018 gardening season officially arrived last week with a wonderful spring weekend. And hobby gardeners everywhere are immediately rolling up their sleeves in order to put the finishing touches to their oases of well-being. In doing so, you can of course count on our support: whether you want to saw, grind, pump, barbecue or heat – at Trotec you will always find the right high-performance tool and device. Today you will learn about the questions of how, what and where in our big 10-part garden series …

Sawing wood and other materials is also one of the most frequent activities carried out by hobby gardeners in the green grounds at home. Because the electric jigsaw has become a preferred tool in the process, Trotec is addressing this development: our PJSS jigsaw range using batteries, cords or knobs can be perfectly tailored to every requirement. In order to find the right jigsaw model for you, for example, you should first consider the materials you will be working on and the cuts you would like to make in the process. This is because each model exhibits different cornering characteristics and there are also major differences as regards performance.

  1. For what purpose do you intend to use the jigsaw in the main?

Depending on the respective intended use, you should make sure that the special accessories, like for example for the PJSS models, are already included in the scope of delivery. If you want to make longer straight cuts, for example, a rip fence is extremely useful in helping you to minimise construction-related deviations when sawing straight. If you are planning mitre cuts, jigsaws that have an adjustable base plate are recommended.

Incidentally, all PJSS models have the so-called ‘pendulum stroke’: compared to jigsaws without orbital action, pendulum stroke jigsaws not only move vertically but also horizontally, thus reducing the effort required for forward movement and enabling faster sawing progress.

  1. What other convenient features should you look out for?

A look at the features of the saws will save you a lot of trouble when using them later on. Thanks to their electronic stroke rate control, all PJSS models enable you to work safely and in a material-compatible manner at the same time. In addition, the PJSS jigsaws have a transparent chip screen which ensures exact tear-free cuts. An integrated blowing function keeps the workplace free of chips and dust, and the quick chuck allows tool-free saw blade changes in seconds.

  1. Bow shape or rod shape with knob – which jigsaw is better?

The structural shape is a decisive factor in making the various cutting options successful. Jigsaws with a bow handle are particularly suitable for beginners and in the DIY sector. They sit securely in your hand when executing straight cuts and can be easily guided with one hand, while switching them on and off is also frequently easier. Professionals mostly prefer jigsaws with a knob handle such as our PJSS 11-230V. These are considerably easier to manoeuvre than jigsaws with a bow handle when carrying out complicated tasks such as curve cuts, mitre cuts and overhead work. The machine can be provided with the optimal feed via the knob on the front of it, while you can precisely guide the device with the other hand.

  1. Jigsaws with battery or cord?

It depends on the respective intended use as regards whether a cord-based or battery-operated model is more suitable. Cord-based jigsaws offer the advantage of being able to work without interruption as long as the power cable is connected to a functioning power connection. A battery-powered jigsaw such as our PJSS 10-20V is the ideal choice if there are only poor opportunities for connection to the power supply at the place of operation. You do not initially need to lay an extension cable, but can get started right away. In terms of performance, battery-powered jigsaws meanwhile are hardly inferior to cord-based electric jigsaws.

  1. Jigsaws with laser – what advantages do they offer?

Modern jigsaws such as our PJSS 10-230V or PJSS 11-230V have a laser guide light which marks the cutting line. The laser can be switched on separately and projects a clearly visible red line onto your workpiece, thus precisely displaying the cutting direction. Deviations from the cutting line can be detected and directly corrected immediately.

  1. The right saw blades – what are the differences?

In order to be able to optimally saw with jigsaws, you need the right saw blade. The following factors should be considered when making your selection. In the main, the blades for jigsaws are divided into the following four material groups:

  • HCS (carbon steel) – for softer materials such as wood, fibreboards and plastics
  • HSS (high-speed steel) – for harder materials such as aluminium, iron and steel
  • Non-ferrous metals BIM (bimetal made from HCS and HSS) – for hardwood and metal work
  • Plastics, HM (hard metal) – for sawing cement fibreboards, plasterboard and glass-fibre reinforced plastic

Choose ‘your’ PJSS jigsaw model – in TÜV-certified quality

With the high-performance jigsaws from Trotec you will always have the right tool to hand. With its 20-Volt lithium ion battery, our battery-powered jigsaw PJSS 10-20V makes working in areas without a power connection possible. For precise straight, curve or mitre cuts we recommend our laser-guided jigsaws PJSS 10-230V and PJSS 11-230V.

You can purchase each of our PJSS pendulum stroke saws in TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee for high value, safety and functionality at our current offer prices:

  • the PJSS 10-20V battery-powered jigsaw comes with a rip fence, an adapter for external dust extraction, a chip screen, a sliding shoe, an Allen wrench, two wood-saw blades, a metal-saw blade and a carrying case included reduced from £73.78 to just £46.10
  • The PJSS 10-230V comes with a rip fence, an adapter for external dust extraction, a chip screen, a sliding shoe, three wood-saw blades and a metal-saw blade included reduced from £36.87 to just £23.03
  • The PJSS 11-230V comes with a rip fence, an adapter for external dust extraction, a chip screen, a sliding shoe, three wood-saw blades and a metal-saw blade included reduced from £39.51 to just £27.64

incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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