Tips for your garden from Trotec – pool and natural pond pH control

Natural ponds bring a sensual pleasure that more and more hobby gardeners are indulging in. However, even though natural ponds usually have a natural state of balance and do not require chemical additives, you should seek to avoid nasty surprises by regularly checking their pH value, for example with the BW10 pH measuring device from Trotec. This applies all the more to pools, with these having to be continuously supplied with disinfectant such as chlorine or bromine.

Responsible garden owners constantly check whether the water in their natural pond or pool is too acidic or too alkaline – and by doing this they prevent their bathing guests from suffering any allergic reactions from the outset. The compact, hand-held BW10 pH measuring device is an essential tool for monitoring and maintaining the correct pH value – ideally suited for your pool and, of course, for swimming or natural ponds.

The right pH value is important in natural ponds and pools

Ideally, pond and pool water should have a pH value of approx pH 7 (neutral) and this should remain as steady as possible over time. However, rain and top-ups with tap water can cause the pH value to constantly shift into the acidic (pH < 7) or alkaline (pH > 7) range. This becomes dangerous for fish exposed in the pond, since their tolerance range is usually between pH 6.5 and 8.5. And if the water in pools becomes too acidic or alkaline, it can affect the people bathing in it by, for example, causing eye irritation and itchy skin. Furthermore, the durability of the materials used in the pool is affected, since this causes the materials to corrode, decompose and become more porous, while the effectiveness of the added disinfectants is also impacted.

Guarantees precise water quality results

Thanks to the automatic temperature compensation and the use of automatic calibration, the meter allows you to precisely determine pH values between 0 and 14 accurately and quickly for temperatures between 0 and 50 °C. The device has a 3-point calibration that is already carried out before leaving the factory, with it also being possible to repeat this at any time later on with very little effort by using the supplied pH buffer solution set. The test result is indicated on the clearly legible two-line display. The pH value detected is displayed – precisely to two decimal points – alongside the water temperature. A separate thermometer is therefore not necessary.

The practice-optimized BW10 pH measuring device comes equipped with an easily exchangeable pH electrode. The electrode and water temperature probe are protected from damage by means of a removable protective cap. Due to a convenient hold function, it is not necessary to write down the previously measured value. Furthermore, an automatic switch-off function reduces the energy consumption of the four button batteries already included in the scope of delivery.

BW10 pH measuring device – indispensable for natural ponds and pool owners

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