NEW 5 metre 230 V PVC extension cable – PERFECT FOR DOMESTIC USE!

5 metres more independence. From the nearest plug socket, for example. Or from the ever-too-short cables for electrical devices. The 5 metre long 230 V PVC extension cable, 16 A, with safety plug and coupler is optimally suited for use anywhere in the house or flat, up in the attic or down in the cellar. And it significantly expands your operation range – if necessary, even when perpetually vacuuming or ironing…

An extension cable gives you more flexibility day-to-day when plugging in mobile air conditioners, fans, electric heaters or infra-red heat plates. And if you’re expecting guests, you often end up needing electricity in completely different places to where the plug sockets are in the room. Thanks to the white coating, the type H05VV-F 3G1.5 extension cable can be used long-term in a living or working environment unobtrusively. To make space, computers, printers and copiers often have to be moved around in the office and have to be rewired.

How it works

  • As a child protection feature integrated into the coupling, a certain amount of pressure must be applied to release the opening and the current-carrying contacts. This prevents children from reaching into the sockets or putting items into them.
  • The extension cable is available in DEKRA-approved quality as a guarantee for high quality, safety and functionality, so that you can play it safe with Trotec brand quality.
  • The type H05VV-F 3G1.5 cable is a finely stranded 3-wire cable with a conductor cross-section of 1.5 mm² with a robust PVC core and sheath insulation. The cable’s nominal voltage is 230 volts, the nominal current is 16 ampere and the maximum nominal capacity is 2,500 watts. The cable can operate reliably all year round in dry, inside spaces, thanks to its temperature range of -15 °C to +70 °C and protection class IP20.
  • The PVC cable is easy to use and space-saving and can be cleaned by just wiping it down.

230 V PVC extension cable – bring the power where it’s needed!

Order the new 230 V PVC extension cable today at our current offer price, reduced from € 9.95 to just € 5.95 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec-Shop!


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