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It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a private swimming pool or run one for guests. One thing you cannot and will not afford: water loss! Not only is water a valuable commodity, that should not needlessly be wasted, water leakage can cause immense damage to the area surrounding the pool, as well. Not only does it cost a lot of money when pipes need to be exposed to locate the leak. The financial losses incurred by postponing the bathing season are considerable as well. If the pool is included in hotel services and its use is not possible, then guests can sometimes even demand compensation for damage. When a pool leaks then a professional should get to work on it immediately. And you can get that from Trotec. With the help of our thermal imaging cameras you can detect leaks quickly and precisely because the infra-red technology makes leaks visible. The high-quality thermal imaging cameras from Trotec guarantee that you will detect damaged sections quickly, easily and above all non-destructively. You can count on that!

Every year it’s the same old story. Tensions mount before the start of the bathing season as to whether or not the swimming pool technology will still be working and whether or not the material is still up to scratch. As the owner of a private swimming pool or as the operator of bathing complex for guests you will often experience a nasty surprise just before the season starts. The pipes have suffered during the winter break. Damp patches are forming outside the pool, so one thing’s for sure: Water is leaking. Most likely in large quantities. But you can’t spot exactly where the problem can be found. After all, the pipes run underground and are several meters long. Locating the damaged area is usually a complex and costly endeavour. Slabs or tiles have to be removed and the soil dug out to expose the piping.

Localising the leak – is a cinch and non-destructive

A construction site around your swimming pool? And just before bathing season begins? That’s one thing you certainly can’t expect from your guests. And your wallet, of course, suffers from this kind of repair measure too. But how do you detect the damaged area on the pipe before hundreds of litres of water leak out and cause even greater damage? The answer is simple: Non-destructive and guest-friendly detection of hidden leaks in swimming pool pipes is ensured by the thermal imaging cameras from Trotec. Let us explain how this works.

Your partner for a detailed inspection: the IC080LV

Start your first inspection as soon as you notice increased water loss in your pool. It usually doesn’t take long to find out where the problem is; in the water supply line or on the drainpipe to the cleaning system. Either way, you now need to increase the water pressure in the pipe you want tested by refilling water, but blocking the line at the end. Water is now increasingly leaking from the hidden damaged area and cools the sun-warmed slabs or tiles above. This is where Trotec’s infra-red camera comes into play, for example the IC080LV thermal imaging camera. Within a very short period of time, the thermal images reveal which slabs are cooler. This is precisely where you are sure to find the defect on the water pipe.

Precision technology

The IC080LV infra-red camera is your ideal partner when inspecting swimming pools. The modern and easy to use camera features a geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infra-red sensor with more than 110,000 autarkic temperature measuring points. Thanks to its mobile 3.5” LCD colour display, it is flexible enough to operate when locating leaks. Do you want to document your recordings? No problem! It has an integrated digital camera for real images and a camera light to document the state of the pipes, among other things, in a professional manner. The camera captures even the smallest temperature changes – in real time, of course. A particularly detailed depiction of the damaged areas of the pipes is achieved by overlapping infra-red and real images using the DuoVision function. These DuoVision images can, of course, be stored so that no detail is missed during the documentation of these.

The advantages of the IC80LV

  • very high geometric resolution
  • powerful image sensor
  • made in the EU for best quality
  • integrated digital camera for real images
  • powerful rechargeable battery
  • optional Bluetooth connection for wireless voice comments via headset
  • integrated memory card slot for high storage capacities
  • extremely durable rubber cover for optimal protection

Order easily online

Simply order your new thermal imaging camera IC080LV in Trotec’s online shop. The high quality camera is currently available for only £3,036.51 instead of the regular price of £5,158.36. Take advantage of this offer and get your reliable partner for inspecting your swimming pool today!

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