NEW TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier – the unique all-rounder


Damp and wet rooms often cause two problems: excessive humidity and unhealthy breathing air. Children and those with allergies are affected first, but even those without allergies suffer from harmful microparticles in breathing air. The TTK dehumidifier with air purifier now takes action against this. With its combined dehumidification and air purification of living areas and offices, this unique all-rounder ensures perceptibly improved room air.

Our new TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier can be placed anywhere in the house where damp air is a problem. With a maximum dehumidifying performance of up to 40 litres in a day, this device allows you to cover nearly all areas of use in living areas and offices up to 120 m²: for example, continuous drying of new buildings, after water damage and renovation work, temporary drying of damp bathrooms, kitchens and garages, as well as continuous dehumidification of the room air for an improved room climate.

In its second functionality, the TTK 110 HEPA is a full-fledged air purifier. Its integrated HEPA suspended matter filter absorbs even the smallest microparticles, down to 0.02 micrometres, with an effectiveness of 99.97%. A conventional air filter never gets at the continuously released chemical ultra-fine particles, for example from furniture and building products, as well as the additional microorganisms distributed into the room air, such as fungal spores, dust mite residues, bacteria and viruses in the living area. With the HEPA filter function, you perceptibly improve your room air and rid it of harmful viruses, bacteria and impurities within 8 hours.

This is how it works

After being set one time, the TTK 110 HEPA saves all dehumidification parameters network-independently and begins its quiet work. In addition, the intelligent timer and automatic shut-off functions prevent unnecessary operating periods, thus saving energy costs. The overflow protection uses a warning LED to signal when the maximum capacity of the 5-litre water container has been reached. And no matter whether you require a temporary dehumidification solution or a compact dehumidifier for continuous operation: The TTK 110 HEPA is always as powerful as required for your intended purpose. Simply choose between 3 dehumidification programmes.

  • Automatic dehumidification
    Optimally suited for continuous use in the kitchen and bathroom, because you can set the desired humidity in 5 per cent steps between 40 and 70%. When the target value is reached, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.
  • Powerful dehumidification
    The drying solution in the case of water damage, renovation work and for construction drying in uninterrupted continuous operation brings you maximum dehumidification performance and achieves constantly low air humidity.
  • Laundry drying function
    Supports you effectively in quickly drying wet fabrics such as rugs or clothes.

In its capacity as an air purifier, the TTK 110 HEPA uses highly efficient activated carbon and HEPA filters to rid the room air of the most harmful impurities. Our all-rounder is thereby equipped from the start with a highly effective True HEPA filter, for example for protection against viruses and bacteria. As an optional accessory, you can get the activated carbon filter, which is primarily used to eliminate organic allergens such as pollen or unpleasant odours. In addition, the flexibility of this unit is exhibited by its compact construction and practical wheels, which make changing the location very convenient.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • dehumidification and air purification in one combination unit
  • the 99.97% effective HEPA air purification from pollen, dust mite residues, mould spores and other allergens
  • its suitability for rooms up to 120 m²/ 300 m³
  • its dehumidification performance of up to 40 litres in 24 hours

The combination unit TTK 110 HEPA – ensures perceptibly improved room air

Order the TTK 110 dehumidifier with air purifier today at our current sale price, reduced from £347.09 to just £216.93 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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