Adviser “Best possible garage climate”


A chic sports car, an elegant saloon, a sporty 4×4 or a nostalgic vintage car: Do you love your car and you do everything to make it sure it shines at what it does? Absolutely everything? Regular inspections and thorough care are indispensable, if you want to maintain the value of your ride for a long time. But that isn’t it. If you want to give your vehicles the best possible all-round protection, you should have the most modern technology at your side and ensure an optimum garage environment. To prepare the home for your wheels as best as possible, Trotec is making the newest DH-VPR+ generation with the innovative ThinC! Climate Management available to you. Against corrosion. Against rust. Against annoying smells and soot. Against dust. In our new “Best possible garage climate” adviser you can read all the technical tips – for maintaining the value of your car rather than depreciating it!

It should roll, not rust. It should gleam, not gather dust. It should be in excellent condition at all times, not be sat in a cloud of exhaust and soot in the garage. Your automobile is particularly close to your heart, regardless of whether it is a sports car, vintage car, 4×4, saloon, motorbike or tractor. Maintaining value, not depreciation, is therefore the name of the game. And that should apply not just to looking after your car, but to everything. Everything means the garage, your vehicles’ home. Yet it is not easy to keep this in a perfect condition – especially as far as the climate is concerned. An optimum garage climate means a constant humidity of 45 – 50 per cent, the lowest possible formation of soot and dust, no mixtures of smells of petrol, oil, mould etc. You will very easily become a master of the climate condition if you make use of the latest technology from Trotec. With the innovative DH-VPR+ generation, Trotec has developed a series of climate managers that look after maintaining the value of your vehicles in the optimum way. The magic formula is: DH-VPR+ with intelligent ThinC! Climate technology. On top of that it has a modern, attractive design!

Consistency for climate and value

The Trotec ThinC! Climate managers guarantee the best possible constant garage climate – and in all conditions. Regardless of what the design of your garage is, what sort of vehicles you park there and what kind of driving and parking facilities you are looking after. Our state-of-the-art DH-VPR+ models work efficiently and reliably so that your cars stay in the best possible condition.

Reliable clean air and protection from moisture

The basis for the latest technology of the DH-VPR+ models is the DH dehumidifiers from the Trotec High Performance range, which guarantee efficient protection from moisture – even in unheated rooms at low temperatures. With the ThinC! climate managers, Trotec has continued to saddle things up and integrated efficient air-cleaning and air-filter modules. Now the air in the room is completely cleared of any pollution and irritants and is reliably dehumidified. For all-round optimum garage climate conditions. Simple operation of the models and intelligent control of the humidity can be taken as a given here. There is also an aesthetic exterior. Finally your new climate manager will also offer something visually pleasing.

The new adviser shows you how it works

The most modern technology against dust, soot and pollutants and effective and reliable dehumidification: You can find out the details of how ThinC! works to maintain the value of your vehicles in our new adviser “Best possible garage climate”. We hope you enjoy reading it!

ThinC! against corrosion and rust
When the temperatures in your garage fall at night, the humidity rises and causes corrosion to your vehicle. The DH-VPR+ models reliably work against damaging humidity.

ThinC! keeps surfaces clean
When starting the vehicle in the garage, soot and oil mist are released. DH-VPR+ ensures swift filtering of the garage air before the dirt can settle.

ThinC! against mixtures of smells
Petrol, exhaust fumes, oil and other vapours give off a diffuse mixture of smells in your garage. The DH-VPR+ models put an end to these annoying odours.

ThinC! for clean garage air
Dust, soot and exhaust fumes remain in a garage for a long time. Thanks to DH-VPR+ you can breathe freely once again in a matter of minutes.

ThinC! for fast drying
DH-VPR+ puts an end to the damaging evaporated moisture that you bring into the garage with a wet vehicle or with piles of snow.

ThinC! – efficient against mould forming
Very modern or freshly renovated, isolated garages bear a high risk of mould, as there is virtually no air exchange happening. The DH-VPR+ models effectively counter mould.
ThinC! – a worthwhile investment
Acquisition costs versus benefits. That is how the DH-VPR+ models stand out so well as an investment in maintaining the value of your vehicle.

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