There must be order: Installation of shelves

In the hobby room, garage or workshop, disorder quickly gets out of hand. You just used the hammer, and it was quickly laid in passing on the workbench. Saws, nails, brushes, buckets and much more are often deposited in a corner of the workshop after being used – and chaos prevails. Soon you will no longer be able to find any of your tools. Saw blades are bent, paints dry out, tools lie around in saw dust. Sound familiar? And time and time again, you resolve to organise your workshop once and for all and keep it that way? Pull yourself together and install a shelving and organisational system to provide convenient and space-saving storage of your tools and materials. For this project, Trotec is at your side with high quality power tools and crossline lasers. Organisation is now fun!

How many times have you come into your workshop or garage and thrown up your hands in exasperation? You just needed to use the hammer for a second, but it seems to have disappeared in the disarray of tools and materials. Do you resolve to eliminate the disorder each time and once and for all install an organisational system where every tool, nail, material and accessory has its rightful place? Then get going! A sophisticated organisational system with a perforated wall, tool cabinet, workbench and shelves can be installed quickly – however, you should ensure two things in particular: precise measurement and the right tool.

Crossline laser for precise measurement

Installing a shelf is not an art. But attaching one to the wall when it is not level is a borderline miracle. Performing such miracles is now mere child’s play, with the crossline laser from Trotec. Precise alignment of drilling points, shelves, tool cabinets and perforated walls is made easy. And without a spirit level and pen! At the push of a button, the crossline laser projects two laser lines in the room which create a right angle. The integrated self-levelling even compensates for floor unevenness in the measurements. If you only need one line, that is also no problem. This function can also be adjusted to fit your requirements. And you can do much more with the crossline laser, for example precisely attach strips of wallpaper, install stair railings and lay tiles. The so-called magic cube will certainly earn a fixed place in your workshop.

Professional drilling with the cordless drill

You have sensibly measured the drilling points or projected the lines for your shelf on the wall? Then it’s time to drill. With the cordless drills from Trotec, drilling a hole into any material is effortless. For example, here the PSCS 10-16V cordless drill is recommended – a real all-rounder. Powerful, high-performance, yet easy to handle: These are only a few of the qualities of the cordless drill. Thanks to the electronic speed regulation, you can use the device for gentle applications, such as assembling furniture. Or do you want to drill holes in the wall for your shelf? No problem! Just select the appropriate attachment, adjust the speed and drill away!

Advantages of the cordless drills from Trotec

  • powerful lithium-ion battery without self-discharge
  • individual torque setting plus drilling setting
  • infinitely variable speed regulation
  • integrated LED work lamp
  • easy handling
  • fast charging device: only 1 hour of work time
  • extra good grip

Advantages of the crossline laser from Trotec

  • projects bright laser lines up to 10 m away
  • self-levelling laser
  • high precision
  • optimal for fast and straight alignment of drill holes, pictures, tiles and wallpaper
  • extremely light and compact
  • laser locking function also for projection of sloped lines

Secure special offers online

Trotec has all power tools, cordless drills and measuring devices available in the online shop at special offer prices. The BD5A crossline laser is currently available for just £27.44, reduced from £45.77. Powerful and cordless: The PSCS 10-16V cordless drill currently costs £36.60 online, instead of £54.92.  You save 33%. Take a look in the Trotec online shop today. We look forward to your visit!

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