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Whew, is it hot! And in your apartment the heat is nearly unbearable, the thermometer creeping over the 30-degree mark for several consecutive days. Since even ventilating the rooms at night no longer brings relief from the heat, an air conditioning unit is required. A few preliminary considerations on this topic will help you to select a suitable unit. You will find everything you need to know compiled here as a sort of basis for your selection…

In poorly insulated houses and penthouse apartments, the owners suffer the effects of a heat wave particularly intensely, but after several days, the heat accumulation in nearly all owners’ apartments and houses leads to loud lamentations. In spite of this, you must keep a cool head and decide on an air conditioning unit based on your usage habits.

Which air conditioning unit for whom?

For example, if you just want to cool down various rooms of the house on particularly hot days, this is very effectively achieved with inexpensive monobloc units offered by Trotec.

  • The air conditioning units are portable and thus cool whichever room you are in depending on the time of day; that is, they can be comfortably moved around from room to room.
  • After purchasing, they are immediately ready to use and additionally require only simple and inexpensive maintenance which you can carry out yourself.
  • Mobile air conditioning units require an exhaust hose, as the exhaust air must be directed outside. Anyone not wishing to install a permanent outlet in the wall has to direct the air outside through a window cracked open or through the door. Since the air streaming in must then also be cooled, Trotec offers the practical window sealing AirLock 100 and, for air conditioning units with double hose technology, the AirLock 200. The AirLock 1000 expands the application possibilities of this accessory series to usage on terrace and balcony doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. As yet this is a unique feature and only offered by Trotec.

How do air conditioning units work optimally?

This effect is experienced time and time again: the air conditioning unit produces a strong draught when the air in the room must be cooled down significantly.

  • To reduce the draught, the temperature should be set a maximum of four to six degrees lower than the outside temperature. In addition, the strength of the air stream can also be controlled on the unit.
  • When using monobloc units, it is important that the vents remain unobstructed.
  • To reduce demand on the units, any heat sources in the room should be switched off and curtains or blinds should be closed.

Maintenance and care

Regular maintenance of an air conditioning unit includes cleaning the air filter, because a dirty air filter diminishes the cooling capacity.

  • Dirt in the filter can often be removed with a vacuum cleaner .
  • Compacted deposits are rinsed off with warm water and then the filter is dried off.
  • For mobile units, it is important to empty the condensation collection tank, which must be completely emptied, at the latest, after the cooling season ends.

The affordable alternative to an air conditioning unit – the air cooler

As an affordable alternative cooling solution, Trotec offers the so-called air coolers. The units cool down the room by up to three degrees, at a low cost.

  • The units operate under the principle of evaporation cooling, otherwise known as “adiabatic cooling”. Here, water or ice is vaporised and the cool air stream is distributed through the room by the ventilator.
  • As opposed to conventional air conditioning units, operation of air coolers requires no chemical cooling agents.
  • Likewise, installation restrictions or expensive installations are omitted.

Trotec – a leading provider of brand quality in air conditioning

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