The TEH 30 T Electric heater Pro for continuous industrial operation – finally available again!

The stackable TEH electric heater 30 T is a professional device that is specially made to meet the most demanding material and performance requirements. With its condensate-free, clean air, it is optimally suited to heating unventilated rooms such as small construction site areas, storage or production rooms, as well as in many other application areas. Thanks to its practical, industrial German design, this highly mobile heater guarantees continuous operation with no interruptions and a long service life.

With its 3.3 KW thermal output and its robust and easy to maintain design, the TEH 30 T is well suited to the most demanding construction-site requirements. For example, the particularly durable sheet steel construction of this electric heater has a resistant protective coating. The extensively flow-optimised chassis guarantees a concentrated flow of warm air without turbulence losses. And an extra thermally insulated hose connector with outlet grille ensures maximally directed air flow.

How it works

The continuously adjustable thermostat-controlled heating element of the TEH 30 T can turn itself on at the right temperature, only when needed, and also has an additional constant blower function. A red indicator light shows you at a glance whether the heating element is active. Thanks to the double-walled housing model, the outer jacket only heats up minimally.

The specially developed Trotec ergonomic handle with inner grip clips offers an optimal grip when carrying the electric heater. Thanks to its two practical stacking grooves on the upper side of the device, the TEH 30 T can be securely stored in a space-saving stack during transport and storage.

The successful combination of compact dimensions, impressive performance and the option of directing the heated area via a connectable air hose makes the TEH 30 T the best choice for mobile heating.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The development, design and manufacture are 100 % Trotec
  • The especially durable sheet steel construction with a resistant protective coating
  • The flow-optimised chassis for a concentrated, non-swirling flow of hot air
  • The practical stacking grooves for stable and space-saving storage and transportation

TEH 30 T Electric Heater Pro – robust, easy to maintain, affordable!

Order your TEH 30 T Electric Heater Pro today at our current special offer price of just £215.89 incl. VAT – in the Trotec Shop now!

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