NEW Terrace radiant heater IRS 2000 E – available now, glare-free heat

Now those cosy summer evenings on the terrace are going into extra time this autumn. With the new IRS 2000 E black and silver terrace radiant heater, not only can you skilfully set visual accents, but also enjoy your stay outdoors in that cooler change of season – because its infrared heat is immediately available without preheating. Nevertheless, the attractive heat source pleasantly keeps back any light radiation thanks to the innovative low-glare shortwave infrared tube.

Compared to conventional Infrared radiant heaters, high-quality low-glare shortwave infrared tubes ensure a reduced and virtually glare-free light radiation of up to 80 % – at 100 % heat output. Furthermore, their 2000 watt heat output power can be set to 3 different levels (650 W, 1350 W and 2000 W) –  the best conditions for you to enjoy a clear candlelight atmosphere and cosy warmth on your terrace or balcony. By the way, the IRS 2000 E can be conveniently operated by remote control. And if you like, you can preset the heater’s automatic switch-off function using a 24-hour timer.

How it works

The radiant heat is generated by a high-quality carbon infrared tube. With an average service life of up to 5,500 lighting hours, the IRS 2000 E also heats with a remarkably long service life and with little maintenance. The infrared radiator has a specially shaped reflector mirror for wide heat radiation. The emitted infrared light does not heat the ambient air, but the objects and persons radiated by the pedestal heater. This kind of warmth is perceived to be particularly soothing and is stored longer by the body. Since the generated heat is emitted directly, it doesn’t stir up any annoying dust. That’ s why infrared radiators are especially recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

The IRS 2000 E terrace radiant heater is delivered completely assembled. You can unpack it directly, connect it using its 1.75 metre long cable and enjoy its soothing instant heat at the touch of a button. When used outdoors, the IRS 2000 E is protected against splash water in accordance with IP34. And when it comes to other safety issues, the pedestal heater is just as impressive: As soon as the sturdy device is moved from its upright position, the integrated toggle switch immediately interrupts the power supply. It also issues an audible warning. The protective grille prevents other objects from coming into direct contact with the heating tube and also protects against children’s hands and pets.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • theinfrared warmth without preheating
  • theeven heat distribution
  • the 3 heat settings, up to 2000 watts heat output
  • The glare-free warmth thanks to the low-glare carbon infrared tube

IRS 2000 E design radiant heater – TÜV-tested brand quality from Trotec

The IRS 2000 E is available in TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee for high quality, safety and functionality so that you can play it safe with Trotec brand quality. Order the new IRS 2000 design radiant heater today at our current offer price, reduced from £190.61 to just £95.28 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!



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